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Feb 20, 2018
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What are your thoughts on using the Trijicon AccuPoint scope with the German # 4 reticle on a dangerous game rifle chambered in .458 Winchester magnum? My understanding is that Trijicon glass is on par with Leupold. I'm wondering how it will hold up in the recoil department. Any thoughts or experience with Trijicon scopes?

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I am sure it will do the job. My 5 c is to try and find a true 1x scope. Then your scope become a red dot and you can shoot with both eyes open. Not sure if trijicon does one but other manufacturers do. Give it a try if you can- I think it is the way forward
I read the Stars & Stripes article coming out of theater regarding a young grunt that had a 7.62x39 round pass through his ACOG and the scope held zero.

I am wholly able to shoot both eyes open with the 1-4x20 Accupoint. Having a genuine/pure 1X vs. 1.5X is not necessary. One can shoot both eyes open up to 2.5X (as demonstrated by the old Leupold scout scopes for decades) and some people can even get up into the 3X neighborhood.

The fiber optic lighting for daylight may require you to turn DOWN the collecting it is actually that bright in sunlight.

Their glass is well known for being clear and bright.

Also, don't shy away from the triangle post version - very fast for close to medium range work.

The only detractor I could share with you about Trijicons is the price. Retail price on their 1-6x24 is $950+, the price on the TR-24 you indicate above is $750. (Midway, USA online price).

Hope my $.02 worth helps.
Great scopes, I own 6 or 7 and just bought another one. I hate batteries, Trijicon is good for people like me that forget to remove and replace batteries on a regular basis.
Worked Great on a .375 Ruger and a .416 Rigby for me, mine are the 1-4x with the green post. Only draw back for me was the post almost covered an entire bushbuck.
For sure.
My experience with Trijicon has been great. Top notch products. I would do it.
i have the 3-9 with a triangle post. used on my .375 h and h with no hiccups. its permanent home is on .35 whelen now. fantastic scope. it should work fine with your .458

i have a trijicon 1-6 accupoint. i really like it. i am not a fan of the post scopes, since they are not very precise, (i have used one for several years) but they are very fast in target acquisition. the glass on my trijicon is excellent and i suspect yours will be as well. their rep is a very tough scope and so far that is my impression as well. overall, i am a fan. i like the german #4 reticle as well.
Different strokes but for that scope on DG, I'd go with a triangle post, totally uncluttered and fast target acquisition. I have two 2.5-10s with these reticles and prefer the green over the amber. Accuracy wise, it's what my groundhog and varmint rifles wear.
I have the Trijicon Accupoint 1-4x24 red triangle post on a 404 Jeffery, and it has performed very well. It has always held zero. I also have the Accupoint 2-10x56 red triangle post on a 9.3x62. The 2-10x56 is one of the brightest and clearest scopes I own(compared to Swarovski, Leupold VX6HD, and Schmidt&Bender). I think the Accupoint scopes are very good quality for the price, and you don’t need batteries for an illuminated reticle.
I have one on a 505 Gibbs. The triangle post but would choose the German 4 if doing over. Or even the duplex. Recoil has not been a problem. Just go for it.
Very tough, very bright scopes. That scope will work very well for you.

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