Tanzania Operators Granted Two Years Before New Auction System


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Oct 1, 2007
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Hunting in Tanzania, Africa’s premier safari hunting destination, will continue unaffected for the next two years after a recent announcement by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism delaying the implementation of a new auction system for allocating concession blocks.

SCI Foundation’s African Wildlife Consultative Forum (AWCF) provided one of the first venues for safari operators and concession holders to meet with the government to clarify and discuss the process. Opening remarks from Minister Hamisi Kigwangalla confirmed Tanzania’s commitment to hunting and conservation, ensuring tourists to book hunts, and invited collaboration with the country’s professional hunting associations.

SCI and SCI Foundation worked closely with both the Tanzania Hunting Operators Association and Tanzania Professional Hunting Association to postpone the auction process. “TAHOA thanks SCI and SCI Foundation for their support and help with several letters to the Ministry and Auction Committee explaining the negative ramifications to conservation and the stability of the Tanzanian hunting industry if an auction is implemented without a smooth transition,” said TAHOA Secretary General Mike Angelides.

“SCI Foundation supports long term concession agreements that incentivize investment in conservation activities and anti-poaching efforts on the landscape,” stated SCI Foundation President, Warren Sackman. “We remain dedicated to working together with the safari operators and government during this two-year period to ensure the benefits of hunting to wildlife conservation are realized under the new system.”

Hunting and conservation take their roots in Tanzania with the nation’s founding father, first President Nyerere. Decades later, SCI Foundation continues to support the country’s deep commitment to wildlife.

“We have a long history and productive partnership with Tanzania,” said Conservation Committee Chairman, Dr. Al Maki. “In addition to the recent 15th AWCF co-hosted in Arusha, SCI Foundation sponsors major lion population research in the Serengeti ecosystem, funds ongoing projects on buffalo and hippo in Ruaha National Park, and supports the College of African Wildlife Management Mweka’s advanced anti-poaching work in the great Selous Game Reserve.”

Source: Safari Club International (SCI)

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