South Africa safari operator implicated in hunting scandal

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    South Africa safari operator implicated in hunting scandal
    by Dane McDonald

    Cape Town A safari tour operator has been implicated in connection with illegal hunting on state-owned property.

    A source who prefers to remain anonymous told News24 that in May 2013 Icon Hunting Safaris took him onto the state-owned Den Staat farm to shoot animals after attempts to find certain animals on Icon property was unsuccessful.

    Earlier this week a SANParks employee was arrested in connection with illegal hunting on the Den Staat farm in Limpopo.

    "He [Johan] said we can go to this farm [Den Staat] and I must take along the cash for the animals I want to shoot because he must pay a guy called Michael...who will arrange the permits and everything," the source said.

    "The guy also said it's his birthday this weekend and he would like for us to shoot him an eland so that he can have a braai."

    The source said he was unaware of any illicit dealings. "According to me this was his farm," he said.


    Icon Hunting Safaris was established in 2004 and is managed by Johan Hendricks who denied any involvement in illicit hunting activities.

    "I'm not on the farm, I am not the owner of the farm...for two years I am not on the farm anymore, I don't know what is going on there," he said.

    Hendricks' statement contradicts the source who said he who went on a hunting trip in May 2013.

    According to a SAPA report the SANParks employee arrested earlier this week faces charges of:

    - Bringing SANParks' name into disrepute by advertising illegal hunts with price lists using the organisation's official stationery and electronic communications;

    - Involvement in illegal commercial hunting business for personal gain in a conservation area;

    - Falsifying documentation including hunting permits and transportation of game carcasses;

    - Contravening of veterinary regulations (health risk as the activities occurred in the controlled foot and mouth veterinary area); and

    - Non-declaration of interest in a hunting business.


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