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Apr 13, 2011
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I recently purchased Kevin Thomas's "Shadows in an African Twilight"

This book is a must read. John Barsness had this to say on his website with regard Kevin's book:-

"Whenever I start thinking we’ve got it tough in the states, I read a book like this. Born in Rhodesia in 1950, Kevin Thomas hated school, spent all his days afield, grew up to become a game ranger and eventually a professional hunter. So far it sounds like the classic African PH story. But shortly after he became a game ranger, Rhodesia went ‘pear shaped.’ One bush war, a complete rearrangement of the social system, and Kevin’s story is suddenly much different. Ignore the typos and quaint British punctuation. This is a story that keeps you riveted, from hippo attacks and dagga bulls, to ‘kill cars’ (cannon-equipped Alouette helicopters) Kevin’s story is one you’ll never forget."

There is a limited quantity left and you can order a signed copy directly from him with a personalised message from Shadows In An African Twilight - Game Ranger - Soldier - Hunter [Kevin Thomas] or from Thomas Bland & Sons® here in the states.

If you order it here in the states I beleive they have autographed copies in stock.

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