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Sep 17, 2023
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Any thought on savage brush hunter in 375 ruger? I have heard they have some problems with fast working of the bolt and jamming
Its a savage 110... Id guess it is both an accurate and a reliable rifle (just not very pretty).. and would do ok..

the biggest push back you'll likely get from the AH crowd is it is a push feed rifle..

if youre planning on PG only.. I dont see an issue.. get it and have fun if you really like savages...

If youre thinking DG, there are affordable CRF options out there that are only a few hundred bucks more.. when considering the overall cost of a DG hunt, even a $500-$750 difference in price on the rifle really isnt going to be that much of a material difference (youre likely looking at $10K or more just in your hunt and airfare alone.. and depending on what and where youre wanting to hunt, we're probably talking more than that once you factor in other animals, tips, taxidermy, etc..etc..etc.. )..

I actually really like savages.. Ive never seen one that wouldnt hold tight groups.. their customer service is excellent..

A 110 just wouldnt be my first choice for a DG hunt..
I’m not a savage fan because they are the only rifles I’ve jammed. Something to consider, if you spend the money on a used model 70, you can easily get back what you paid if you change your mind. The savage only holds minimum value if you decide to sell. Even a used Ruger in 375 Ruger holds it’s value well based on AH classifieds.
At 7.38 lbs and a less than perfect stock design, it may be very uncomfortable to shoot as well
I have a Savage 116 Safari Express in 375 H&H. I jammed it on my second shot on a Brown bear. Used to have a Savage (forget the model) in 30'06 and jammed it shooting at a yote. All my Savage fan friends swear by them. Maybe it is me . I'd go with a Ruger or Remington.
Thanks I have a chance for ruger african in 375H/H I think I will take it
I bought one and did well on it's first hunt. However I recommend replacing the recoil pad.
A savage was my first rifle and I still have it. I will say though that while savage rifles can be accurate, easy to work on/modify, and economical. They are not smooth in bolt operation, consistent model year to model year, or have the greatest fit and finish.

I was always intrigued by the 116 safari express and its CRF claim (as was Larry potterfield) but the anecdote above makes me wonder.
Thanks I have a chance for ruger african in 375H/H I think I will take it

I think that’s a good call… you’ll be much happier with it I think for not a whole lot more money…

I’ve never met a Ruger rifle I didn’t like… I’m a little partial to them if I’m honest… even though at the moment I don’t own any tigers other than pistols and revolvers…
I’ve often thought about buying a Savage or even a Mossberg in .375 Ruger just to mess around with and maybe hunt elk with it. Can’t beat their prices and I have two Savage 110s in .25-06 and .308. Very accurate and no feeding issues, but I wouldn’t take either a Savage or a Mossberg DG hunting. I do have a recently purchased barely used Guide Gun (2014 year model) .375 Ruger that I would hunt a buffalo with if I ever get the chance. I’ve tried to make it “jam” with running various factory loads through it as fast as I can, but no avail. I guess I’ll have to try harder with reloads? LOL

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