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    Terry Anders hunts the Sentinel Estate as well as his areas Savuli and Masapas on the Save Valley Conservancy. Sentinel is an 80,000 acre unfenced private property on the Limpopo river in southern Zimbabwe. Recently two pairs of Dugga Boys have wondered off the reservation if you will into adjacent country. These adjacent areas have no buffalo so Terry and the Sentinel owners are positive the buffalo belong to Sentinel and the folks controlling the areas where the buffalo have taken up residence have no problem with Terry hunting them.

    Where this safari is a somewhat unconventional buffalo hunt Terry is offering it at PG hunt rate and an increased buffalo trophy fee even though he fully expects to find the buffalo.

    Accommodations will be on Sentinel and very nice. PG hunting will be very good for indigenous Zimbabwe species.

    Terry can do the hunt himself anytime between 17-30 July '11. Other late season dates are open.


    1x1 10 days $500 per day
    Observer $200 per day
    MARS $10 per day
    Dip/pack $500-$830 depending on # of trophies shot
    Road transfer Bulawayo-Sentinel RT $600 per vehicle
    Zim tax 4%

    Trophy fees:

    Baboon 100
    Genet Cat 200
    Buffalo Bull 6000
    2nd bull available 6000
    Giraffe 1500
    Monkey 25
    Buffalo Cow 1000
    Nyala 3100
    Bushbuck 750
    Guinea Fowl 5
    Porcupine 150
    Bushpig 300
    Francolin 2
    Reedbuck 600
    Caracal 500
    Hippo 3200
    Sable 4000
    Hippo cow 2000
    Sand Grouse 5
    Civet Cat 350
    Honey Badger 150
    Serval Cat 500
    Crocodile 3 500
    Hyena 600
    Steenbok 400
    Doves 5
    Impala Male 250
    Duck / Geese 5
    Impala Female/bait 100
    Warthog 350
    Duiker 200
    Jackal 150
    Waterbuck 1900
    Eland 1300
    Klipspringer 600
    Waterbuck cow 400
    Elephant Bull 12500
    Kudu Bull 1100
    Wildcat 250
    Elephant Tuskless 3500
    Kudu Cow 400
    Wildebeest 750
    Leopard 4000
    Zebra 950

    Contact me anytime with your questions.

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