NAMIBIA: Last Minute Leopard Hunt With Eureka Hunting Safaris Outjo

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May 3, 2017
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First I want to Thank My Bride Danielle Gunner and My Professional Hunter Chrisjan Potgieter for making my dream of hunting in Africa a reality. The whole experience was an amazing adventure. No I did not get my Leopard but the quest will continue. We had three big male hit baits but they wouldn't come back for a second feeding after we had set up hunting blinds. I did get three management Warthogs we used for Leopard baits. I got one "Boss Baboon" but my 375 Ruger was maybe to much gun and my shooting just an inch too high or I would have brought him home...P.S. just under Leopard Boss Baboons have moved to #2 on my Bucket List.
Then on the Last day with one hour of hunting left I did get this outstanding Impala Ram...He's coming home for a place of honor and a life time memory of my First Safari.

I highly recommend my Professional Hunter Chrisjan Potgieter of Eureka Hunting Safaris Outjo, Namibia.
He is a young hard working and very knowledgeable PH. His honesty, integrity and professionalism are outstanding in every way. As a person Chrisjan Potgieter is as easy going friendly and calm under pressure as you would hope to find anywhere and he is my friend.

When it got close to the end of my second week with no male leopards hitting the baits Christjan invited me to stay for an extra week. My loving wife who had arranged a weeks leave for my home coming gave the green light. Unfortunately flights for last min changes were booked and booking a new flight home would have blown the budget for this hunt.

To all you Leopard loving hunters here is the opportunity of a life time. My Leopard tag is unfilled with one month of late season hunting left in Namibia. Eureka Hunting Safaris Outjo, Namibia gave me an amazing experience and an outstanding value in terms of price and service and opportunity. Chrisjan Potgieter is just the kind of young PH just starting out to establish himself that this community needs to support if we want to see our love for hunting Africa is to survive and even grow.

The leopard baits at Eureka Hunting Safaris are established and active. There today waiting for another hunter to find that big tom that makes the mistake for feeding two days on the same bait. I ran out of time but your time awaits.

The hunter who arrived after I hunted for nine days took a Monster Leopard on the same baits I had been using. It can be done.
It is tough to see Leopards on camera and not be able to get the timing right.

Too bad you did not connect.

That is a Leopard of anyones dreams.
Damn hot out. 24C at 2 in the morning.
The Boss Baboon:
He looked like King Kong and he made the whole Mopane Tree sway as he sat there in the top branches. When this rookie Safari Hunter first spotted the tree moving I told Chrisjan Potgieter "I think a Giraffe is coming in behind that tree" Chrisjan to his credit didn't correct me he let me figure it out to be an Ape?

Sorry you didn’t connect, but it sounds like you had a great hunt!
Man that is a knarley Boss baboon! And the impala’s horns look extremely heavy!
Sounds like you had a grand time even though you didn’t get Chui!
Sorry you didn’t connect, but it sounds like you had a great hunt!
Man that is a knarley Boss baboon! And the impala’s horns look extremely heavy!
Sounds like you had a grand time even though you didn’t get Chui!

Impala just under 23 inch both horns. Very nice!
What a great adventure you had! After a bad day at work this story makes me :A Banana:
What an experience! Maybe no trophy this time, but you're putting the time in- best of luck on your next go.

And hats off to you for chasing leopard on your first safari. Well done.
Sounds like a hell of a good time. Hunting leopard like that would take some patience, I can imagine.

Is that bucket in the back for scent drags? If so I bet with those temps it got ripe and came back alive pretty fast!
I know the feeling well as I too was unsuccessful on leopard in Namibia in 2105. Tough hunt mentally for sure. I am planning on round two possibly next season if the moon and stars line up amongst other factors. Being unsuccessful on the great spotted one is a tough pill to swallow. Redemption!
Leopard Canyon:

This is my favorite hunt at my favorite spot. Leopard Canyon was formed by the winter rains that turn this river into a waterfall. This now dry river bed carved this canyon into the rocks with many caves and hidden natural water holes that stay year around never going dry protected from the heat and sun in the caves and under the cliffs.

We found numerous tracks and Leopard Scat (poop). The canyon is littered with Kudu bones.

This is the first of two bait sights that I help establish. Within 5 days we had a large male Leopard feeding on the bait. The only way we could take a shot at this leopard the next time he came to feed was to set up a sniper hide high up on the cliff overlooking the dry waterfall.
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