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Dec 7, 2018
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Sundance, Wyoming
Hunting reports
This report is a little delayed. It’s been a busy year, and I hit the ground running as soon as my plane landed back on US soil.

Seeing all of the other great reports about @KHOMAS HIGHLAND HUNTING SAFARIS, and after being allowed to achieve my life long dream; I feel I owe a debt of gratitude to Philip Hennings for helping me do so.

Due to the delay in this report my days are not quite as fresh in my mind as some of the other reports, and I’m not near as articulate as some of the good writers here, but I will do my best.

I booked this trip well before COVID started. I was supposed to go two years ago. I ended up having to push the trip for personal reasons, and Philip was very understanding. He completely honored our original contract and prices, even though the second year had nothing to do with COVID travel restrictions.

I will also note my wife went with me as a hesitant participant, but loved the staff, property, and lodge so much; she has already started setting money aside, and planning our next trip to Khomas Highlands.

So here it is:

There is no way around it. The travel time over there is uncomfortable. We started the stop watch when we left our yard in Wyoming. It was 46 hours of travel time when we pulled into the lodge at Khomas.

Philip met us in front of the lodge when we pulled up. He showed us to our room, offered us the opportunity to freshen up, and had two fresh poured beers waiting for us on the bar when we went into the lodge.

I had decided to rent a rifle from Philip, and he handed me an R93 in .300 Win. He told me I would go out and check the zero that afternoon.

I went out with PH Issak, and spotter Shorty to shoot. After I shot, they said we would take a short drive. We immediately ran into a herd of blue wildebeest, and a nice red hartebeest bull. We drove a little further and got onto a small bunch of kudu with a nice old broken horn bull. I decided to pass on the old bull on my first night. We went back to the lodge, and were met with two more beers, and some of the most amazing food I’ve ever had.

On day one of the actual hunt we met at the lodge around 0600. We had a good breakfast, and coffee. We hopped in the land cruiser and were on our way. We headed into the mountains, and got onto a few little bunches of Kudu right away. Issak spotted a bull and told me it was a shooter. He put up the sticks, I found the bull on the horizon, found his shoulder, and squeezed the trigger. I did not see the bull after that, but Issak told me the bull was down. The first animal was an amazing feeling, and I sat with the bull and soaked it in while they tried to figure out how to get the land cruiser up there. We took pictures and headed back to the lodge.

That afternoon we went back to the same area and got a nice bull Oryx.
The second day of the hunt we decided to go after blue wildebeest. There was a big herd of them hanging in the trees. We stalked into them on 5 separate occasions through the day and we could not get a good shot. Issak told me we would leave and try again the following day. Honestly; I was fine with that, as my hunt was already more successful than anticipated, and I did not want the experience to end early.

On day three we went after blue wildebeest again. Issak managed to see some tracks next to the two track that seemed non existent. He told me, they were through the trees, and we put on another stock. We walked for about a mile, and all of the sudden Issak stopped me and pointed to a tree. He told me the wildebeest was there, but all I saw was a tree. He put up the sticks, and I adjusted the scope until I made out a wildebeest through the tree. He told me to take the shot when I had a chance. The wildebeest took a step forward, and I had a shooting lane, so I took the shot. It bucked and kicked for a moment, so I stuck one more round in the neck and anchored it.
We went back to the lodge for another amazing lunch, and finished the day looking for my last animal; a warthog. Thank goodness we did not find a good one; it was way to early to start dipping into my savings.

On day four we went out looking for warthog. We drove around all morning without much luck. Though we did see a couple of good ones, just no good shots. We were about ready to give up for the morning and Issak stopped by some rocks to show us some old bushman paintings before we headed back to the lodge. We just got in the cruiser, and drove about 100 yards when Shorty pounded on the cab. Issak stopped, and Shorty pointed to a warthog. They decided he was good and I should take him. I managed to get a shot at about 300 yards he did a couple of flips and started running right towards us. I’m pretty sure he was just disoriented. I adjusted the scope down to the lowest power and shot him just between the eyes at about 10 yards as he popped through the bushes.
Oh no…. My hunt was over!

Fortunately my wife was addicted by this point. She has been admiring the hartebeest, and decided we should go after one of those next.

We did decide to take the afternoon off. My wife had been talking about taking a horseback ride, and we decided it would be an ideal time for that……

The rest to come.
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Thanks for sharing!!.

I have heard quiet a few times from southafrican hunters Khomas Hochland is a great area. If one really wants a challenging walk & stalk on kudu, that is good place as I have been told.
Thanks for sharing!!.

I have heard quiet a few times from southafrican hunters Khomas Hochland is a great area. If one really wants a challenging walk & stalk on kudu, that is good place as I have been told.
That was certainly my experience. Following my PH as we stalked game up and down the mountains, ravines, hills and valleys was an awesome time.
Great start. Looking forward to the rest of the story.
On day 5 we left the lodge looking for a hartebeest. It was a cool morning so my wife rode up front with Issak, and I rode on the back of the land cruiser with Shorty. Early on in the morning we watched several bunches of warthogs, and some Jackals. Shorty asked if I would shoot a Jackal, and I thought why not. The only shot I had was a head shot through the bushes, but I took it. Shorty made fun of me, because I ruined any trophy in the Jackal I would have had.

Apparently Issak and my wife had been talking, and Issak yelled out the window to me, “Your wife say’s you can shoot another warthog!” I wanted to confirm with my wife, but I figured Issak’s word was good enough.

We drove another 5 minutes and Shorty pointed to a lone warthog standing about 200 yards off. He got excited and said I should take it. I fired, and he dropped on the spot.

We drove around the rest of the morning looking for hartebeest. We finished off the morning, and went back to the lodge for the obligatory noon beer, and great lunch.

In the afternoon we stalked in close to a herd of about 15 Hartebeest, but Issak did not see any good bulls in the bunch so we backed out. We decided to leave the area early, and come back the following morning to find the bull.

On the sixth morning we went back again to the same area after hartebeest. We saw the same bunch, and Issak decided to stalk back in and try to find the bull again. We stalked within about 35 yards, and watched the bunch for about an hour. Once again, we did not see a good bull. We pulled back out, and decided to head back to the lodge for lunch. On the drive back, Shorty tapped on the roof and Issak slammed on the brakes. Shorty pointed to a big hartebeest bull running about a mile off. He did not look like he had much stop in him, so I didn’t think to much about it.

Issak got out of the land cruiser and told me to follow him. I was still skeptical about finding the bull, but figured why not.

Issak and I walked about two miles, and all of the sudden he put his arm up in front of me. He put the sticks up, and pointed to a bush. I noticed the bull bedded down. He told me to take a shot when he stood up. The bull stood up just as I got him in my scope, and I took him from about 45 yards.

Okay….. now this must be the end…..

We took the rest of the afternoon off, and reconvened. In the evening we learned another hunter had wounded a blue wildebeest. Unfortunately it was the hunters last day, and he had to get on a plane the following morning. I volunteered to go after the wounded wildebeest the following morning.

On the seventh day we went after the wildebeest bull, and spent most of the day trying to catch up with him. It did start with a faint blood trail, that gradually disappeared as the day went on. We did locate the bull, but did not get any good shots at him. After watching him for awhile, the trackers decided he had been wounded through a hind quarter, and figured he would be alright.

On the eighth and my final morning Philip and I made arrangements for another trophy cow oryx.

We drove out and Issak told me we were going to do a little meat hunting as well. We found two cull oryx, Issak told me he wanted to take as meat animals and we took both of them.

We went up in the high country, and Issak found a really tall old cow, and told me to take her.

Now…. This was truly the end of one of the most amazing experiences of my life.

For some reason I cannot find pictures of the last big cow. I also remembered so many little extra great things as I was thinking of this hunt, I will highlight them in another separate post.
Now…. This was truly the end of one of the most amazing experiences of my life.
Congratulations on an amazing safari and really good report.
Phillip is a super good guy as is Issak and Shorty. Can’t wait to return and hunt with them again myself.
I also remembered so many little extra great things as I was thinking of this hunt, I will highlight them in another separate post.
I’m anxiously awaiting hearing the stories.
Congrats and thanks for sharing your great safari!

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