Mozambik elephant leopard and buff, VERY GOOD PRICE

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    My friend ask me to find a hunter for a cancell hunt and this is the reason of this proposal to the african hunter members:

    It's an elephant + leopard and buff hunt available at :
    34 500$ + Leopard at 5500 $ and Buff at 3800 $.
    It's will be in South West of Mozambik just close to Maputo on the border line of S.A in a government concession. The hunter can shot an other buffalo for 3800 $, sable and other animals also.

    The ONLY PROBLEM is that the hunt must be confirm quickly and the permit will be valid from the 27 of April to the of 10 May 2011 ONLY... Sorry... The past year three Elephant was shot on this area 76, 74 and 70 pounder! No discussion on the price because the normal one is MUCH MORE EXPANSIVE!

    Send me personal message for more informations.

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