Is a .354 considered a "big bore"?


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Apr 24, 2021
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I must start by quoting myself from about six months ago...

I’m disappointed, though, by the alligator living rent-free in the big clay pit because he lets a family of beavers swim the water ditch and use the other two clay pits as staging grounds for their woody destruction. I didn’t get a recreational alligator tag this year so I might have to apply for a gator depredation permit to upgrade the current freeloading pacifist with a lion-hearted alligator with a taste for beaver. That’s for later, though. Deer season is in full swing and I've got empty spaces in the freezer.

Well, the alligator is gone and I know absolutely nothing about his disappearance but that left the beavers even more emboldened. This happened after the deer season so I didn't know until I went birding on the deer club when the warblers were migrating in late April. The, now, carefree beavers had cut and removed some gum saplings that I had used to break-up the silhouette of one of my deer stands. That was the last straw. I had to do something.

I called Cabelas and ordered an American-made PCC (pistol caliber carbine) in 9mm and a neat little 3x scope with lighted reticles. They didn't have a light/laser combo I liked so Jeff Bezos hooked me up with a cheapie. The last thing I did was call the DNR. The process to get a depredation permit is amazingly efficient so it wasn't but a few minutes before I had a .pdf in my inbox that granted me to use "any legal means" to remove the beavers. The permit didn't define what means are legal but I'm sure my PCC set-up qualifies.

One note of caution. If you're going to use voice-to-text to message a friend that you've got a beaver depredation permit, Google will transcribe it as "beaver deprivation permit" every time you try it...

I'm sure most folks don't consider a .354 Ruger, aka the Street 9, as big bore, but if it is, I can now say I've taken my first game with a big bore rifle...

In case anyone is wondering, I did eat some beaver in a meal that I called "B to the 5th"...Beaver Back-strap, Baked Beans and Baked potato. It wasn't bad, the culinary experience was kind of like eating a tough flank steak while sitting cross-legged in the floor of a new cedar closet.

Needless to say, I've got more work to do before our deer season starts in mid-August...

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Nephew has a problem with them in Mansfield Tx...and they have already made a hollowed out den in the dam of a 5 acre lake! If allowed to do that, he is risking a blown out dam and loss of the lake itself. I will tell him to get the permit, and then maybe help him out with the carnage. Don't plan to eat it, but you never know.
BTW, I wouldn't take them on with just a rimfire or shotshell---they are thick skinned, tough little rascals.
Never heard of a .354 anything, but no a .35 cal is a medium bore at best. What is this .354 you speak of?

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