Hunting C.A.R. Discounted Bongo, Derby Eland or Forest Sitatunga Hunt

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    Hunting C.A.R. Discounted Western Bongo, Lord Derby Eland or Forest Sitatunga Hunt

    Outfitter: with us Rudy Lubin Safaris

    Species: Western Bongo or Lord Derby Eland or Forest Sitatunga

    Location: C.A.R.

    Hunting Safari: 1x1, 14 or 21 days

    Hunt Date: starting March 4, 2010

    Details: Due to Texas hunter rolling his 2010 to 2011, I am offering 21 day hunting safari for the price of 14 days. Or 14 days with $2,500 discount (hunter's deposit) and observer for free (usually $380 per day).

    Hunter can take Western Bongo or Lord Derby Eland or Forest Sitatunga, plus all other species on quota except for Lion or Leopard, including Western Roan Antelope, C.A.R. Savannah Buffalo, Lelwel's Hartebeest, Harnessed Bushbuck, Red-flanked Duiker, Western Bush Duiker, Yellow-backed Duiker, Red River Hog, plus Singsing Waterbuck and Western Kob if quota is still available.

    Hunt 1 x 1 with PH Rudy Lubin; no other hunters in camp. Hunting is fairchase, tracking on foot. Comfortable bush camps, good food and drink (standard bar, beer and soft drinks included in the cost of the hunt).

    Additional costs: Global Fee (hunting license and gun import permits, round-trip domestic charter, reception & transfers, tourist and airport taxes); Trophy Fees, which include field preparation, community and anti-poaching fees, delivery from bush camp to freight forwarder in Bangui, export and CITES documentation (not included - crating: $750); obligatory evacuation insurance with Global Rescue or equivalent. No hidden fees.

    Payment: Hunter can elect to pay in either US$ or Euros; trophy fees in Euros only.

    Price: US$47,250 Discounted Price: US$31,500

    More Info: For complete information on hunting areas, camps, photo gallery, references, etc. go to my website. Feel free to contact me by email if you have any questions or interest.

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