How to get thru AES and obtain your ITN number

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    I will try to be complete as possible. Been trying to retrace my steps, and all the info I had googled to get thru the process.

    Step 1:Apply for an EIN -Employer Identification Number. This will be used as your ID number for the AES system. Here is the tutorial I used. Notice the reason for the account Other-Fulfilling Federal Requirements.
    If you don't want to wait for snail mail you can get the EIN emailed to you. Just make sure you print off the letter because it will be the only thing you recieve

    Step 2: Applying for AES account -CBP has done a good video on getting thru the process it can be found here

    Once you get the email confirming that the account has been created you will click on a link to continue. The Shared Secret they are asking for is your Account ID from the email .
    Once that is entered you will hit the button to retrieve your temp password----WRITE IT DOWN!!!! On the next screen you will be asked for it and I found no way to get back to it

    The entire video is under 10 minutes and once done your account will be set up and ready to use.

    I need to get thru some more of my notes. Once I get thru them I'll post on how to navigate thru the AES system to create the Export info to get your ITN number

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