Federal 215 Magnum Primers -Needed


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Apr 28, 2023
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Any Idea where one my buy or beg some?


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Thx. I was taught many many moons ago that for True Magnum Cases or if using Ball powder that the Federal 215 Magnum Primers were the only way to go. Maybe they burn better don't know.
I know UPS will ship but not USPS....so, to your point, it might be a deterrent in guys sharing their stock...
Question: is there a Hazardous cargo charge if an individual UPS' primers or powder to another individual?
GunBroker has Federal 215 primers, and it looks like the going rate is about $30 per 100.
Question: is there a Hazardous cargo charge if an individual UPS' primers or powder to another individual?
I believe regardless who ships....
Handloads magazine did a test on magnum primers a few years ago and found that actually Winchester large rifle magnum primers were the hottest of the brands tested which included the Federal 215s. I have used them all and never had a problem with any of them but have tried to standardize my handloads with Winchester primers. That being said sometimes you use what you can find.
I have read that the primer with the hottest flame & longest duration are the Fed 216. Unfortunately the only way to get them is to purchase loaded ammunition in cartridges such as the 470NE.
You can't just ship primers or powder. You must have a HAZMAT license for it. Some people have friends that are willing to let them use theirs. It is not the norm, all that said primed brass does not fall into that category. It is an option to think about. If you are in south Texas I would help you out.
If near NW MO I could help you out, can't ship them with out hazmat
Makes sense on the HAZMAT. I used to be an FFL dealer and had that license to get powder and primers shipped to my business. I didn't consider that the rules to buy and ship from distributor to retailer would apply to the general population.
Need your location. Can’t be shipped legally without hazmat.
I'm in North Eastern Pennsylvania (where New York/New Jersey/Pennsylvania all meet).
Can't help much unless you are near my location.

But on primers I switched over to CCI primers back in the 90's during a shortage and haven't changed back.

CCI's seam easier to find.
I'll take anything I can get at this point.....I'm out!

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