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Aug 25, 2016
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Looking at prices for Taxidermy at Highveld and some other prices. The dip and ship price is almost the same as tanning. Why would you dip and not just get it tanned. Wouldn't that save you money here since the taxidermist would not have to send it to a tannery? Also, does anyone know the difference in a full size tan and a flat rug tan?
As Dennis is fond of sharing.
They may all have to be redone once they are home. The tanning may not be good enough.
That will double your cost, not save you anything.

Ask Dennis about a suggestion on a D&P
Some of the usa based taxidermy guys will not work with tanned skins from over there. Some will but you may want to ask who ever you plan on using.
Sometimes a rug tan will have felt on the bottom. Some rugs have the face on it also some do not but once again I would ask the people who you are looking at using on what the difference is from them.

I would also tell you to look at relive for a quote like your getting from Highveld.
If your getting the taxidermy done back home, every US taxidermist will tell you Dip And Pack, or at least every one I have every spoken with
If you are planning on using a specific taxidermist then you better let them decide who will do the tanning everyone of them is ultra specific about who and how the tanning is done and they are the ones who have to work with it so i suggest you dont tan it in africa and expect another taxidermist to be happy. Dennis Harris owns animal artistry is a sponsor of this board and he is a very good taxidermist here in the states it would be worth your time to get a quote at least from him. he works for several of the hunters here and does my stuff too. His work is flawless! other people like the africans as they can maybe save a few dollars but you can get burned too more easily in my opinion dealing with african based taxidermist. if you search this board majority of bad experiences are african taxidermist issues.

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