Bucket list birds

First duck I every killed was a wood duck. Killed a ton of them as a kid. :p
Your an ass and just for that imma go shoot a BMFD on my first try :LOL::LOL::LOL::LOL::LOL:
I would love someday to shoot a sandhill crane just to try the meat.
A pheasant and chuckar for pure fun

A Turkey for a mount, just fan, beard and spurs would be great.

Locally I've always wanted to hunt a cape barren goose, but $1500 for a weekend of bird hunting is a stretch for me.
So I don’t want to give it away but I’m so blessed to have Jim in the shop this week helping me with birds. Here is the first of three for one piece I am doing. I’ve already built the base and this pintail and two buddies are part of it. Stay tuned and I’ll post a thread when we get it completed.

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Great looking pintail.

I need to grab a picture of my gambles quail pair at the office tomorrow
I also want to add black swans and Paradise ducks in new zealand. Yeah that needs to be on the bucket list.
Here is my pair of gambles quail just need to add a pair of blues and bobs to the mix

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