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Came across an unknown make this AM. It is a Brachmann Moers M98 in 7x64B. Looks in good shape and the price is low enough to spark my interest. Did an online search for info, but no joy. Can anyone educate me on the good/bad of these rifles? Thanks
I looked in John Walter’s Dictionary of Guns and Gunmakers but I could not find anything. It is most likely the name of either a gunsmith or a small retail operation. Going by the name, I suspect that the business would have been located in either Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium or Scandinavia. Proof marks would help to narrow down the search parameters.
It is from Germany..

Herbert Brachman located in Moers Germany

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Good morning 7MAG. I have a NEW, never mounted, Leupold M8-4X Extended Eye Relief scope that I will sell you for $325 shipped to you. I was a Leupold rep for 12 years and this was always our preferred mounting for a lever gun, scout rifle style.