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Mar 1, 2023
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I'm interested in booking an elk hunt in B.C. for 2025. Curious if anyone has any experience with White Swan Lake Outfitters in the Kootenay area? I'd love some firsthand knowledge before taking the plunge.
Two hunting buddies and I did an elk/moose hunt a couple years ago in BC with Horseshoe Creek Outfitters in Hudson's Hope. Really enjoyed it, although I didn't squeeze the trigger on anything. Really nice cabins to hunt out of too.

I don't know White Swan but I've hunted the Kootenays for elk a number of times self-guided. It is a very large area but in my experience numbers are good in the region and it is beautiful, classic elk country. Sorry, not much help beyond that. I live about 13 hours drive away from the Koots but send me a message if I can provide any more "more local than you but not really local" knowledge.

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Shot me email if Beretta 28 ga DU is available
Thank you
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Enjoyed reading your post again. Believe this is the 3rd time. I am scheduled to hunt w/ Legadema in Sep. Really looking forward to it.
check out our Buff hunt deal!
Because of some clients having to move their dates I have 2 prime time slots open if anyone is interested to do a hunt
5-15 May
or 5-15 June is open!
shoot me a message for a good deal!
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I would be interested in it if you pass. Please send me the info on the gun shop if you do not buy it. I have the needed ammo and brass.