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Aug 21, 2009
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By Gerhard R Damm

African Indaba is grateful to Toni Wicker, member of the board of directors of AMOS, for giving us details about the revitalized Association of Mozambique Hunting Safari Operators. All hunters who contemplate a safari in Mozambique will be encouraged by the ambitious objectives and their exacting code of conduct.

AMOS Mission Statement: AMOS supports the conservation and ecologically sustainable development and use of natural resources, for the benefit of current and future generations, through the promotion of sustainable and ethical hunting. The protection and the conservation of a species-rich and healthy wild fauna, and securing their livelihoods while respecting the local customs, traditions and culture; and the promotion of environmental, natural and animal welfare and the maintenance and improvement of the existing natural habitats.

AMOS Aims & Objectives (edited extracts): AMOS promotes, regulates and enforces professionalism in the Safari hunting industry, promotes the benefits of ethical hunting and sustainable utilization of wildlife to the conservation, and educates the general public on the contribution hunting makes to conservation, sustainable social economic development and the financial contribution to the state fiscal system. AMOS further promotes and facilitates the empowerment of all Mozambicans wishing to participate in the hunting profession, conservation and related activities and engages with the national and provincial Governments of the Republic of Mozambique and other countries, in all matters affecting hunting, conservation and related activities. AMOS promotes the conservation of nature, mainly the fauna, in the interest of the present and future generations by preventive and precautionary measures, and advocates sustainable use of natural resources as an important tool for social and economic benefits and therefore as an incentive for their conservation and the avoidance of the loss of biological diversity. AMOS co-operates with other persons and organizations in Africa and elsewhere having objects similar and promotes and markets Mozambique as a leading international hunting destination, enforces adherence to the AMOS Code of Conduct, works towards improvement of wildlife management and land-use by scientific research, education AMOS recognizes that ’culling’, ’cropping’, ’capture’ and vermin control are a necessary part of game management as long as they are conducted with consideration and humane treatment of the wildlife involved. However, at no time can these activities be regarded in the context of hunting

From the AMOS Code of Conduct (edited extracts): Outfitter and professional hunter members have the necessary qualifications and licenses to operate and uphold the laws of the country, all rules and regulations stipulated by the governing hunting body and by AMOS. They shall conduct themselves in a manner which will reflect honesty, integrity and morality and shall not allow material gain to supersede such principles; they will not mislead clients and take every reasonable step to ensure that clients receive the services contracted for, and ensure their safety, comfort and satisfaction. AMOS members respect the natural resources as well as the rights and interests of property owners and local communities of the country, obey all laws of the land and uphold at all times the spirit of fair chase. With respect to hunting methods, AMOS members pledge that they shall not be associated with or involved with any form of canned hunting and that no creature be hunted in an enclosed area of such size that such creature is not self-sufficient. Self-sufficiency includes the ability of the animal to exercise its natural inclination to escape from the hunter as well as catering for all its basic needs such as water, food, shelter and breeding.

The Code of Conduct further states that no shooting takes place from, or within a short distance of a vehicle, nor are vehicles used to drive game, that no aircraft be used to spot or drive game, or that aircraft is used to land hunters within a short distance of game for the purpose of hunting the game so spotted. No client to take shots that they are not capable of to prevent unnecessary wounding. All wounded game has to be pursued at all costs and by any means to ensure that the animal is killed as quickly and humanly as possible and not left wounded in the field; if wounded game animals are lost such incidents must be reported to the closest officials any adjoining concessions and local communities. Trophy elephant shall not be hunted from or in breeding herds. The objective is to endeavor to hunt old trophy animals with a legal hunting license within the allocated quota and legal season and as far as possible t the carcasses of all animals hunted are to be used as a food source.

AMOS members make sure that clients understand and are fully aware of the Associations’ Code of Conduct, ethics and standards that will be upheld during the course of any hunt.

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