6.5 Creedmoor on Warthog

I agree BUT I don't want to hunt moose with a pea shooter and have to track the SOB through heavy brush or a swamp for the half mile that it takes him to bleed out. There are a lot more cartridges that will put them down instantly. Everyone's call but I'm going with something with a lot more horsepower than the CM for a 1000 pound animal.
For you and me yes, for a 100lb kid, not so much. If I get drawn I'll be using my .375 ruger, however the first moose I had the opportunity to hunt, I only had a .270 and it only took one shot to drop it on the spot. Just have to know what you are shooting and where to hit
Hi Albert,

What bullets do you use in the 6.5 Creedmoor and do you get complete pass throughs on Elk or similar sized game?
Hi Albert,

What bullets do you use in the 6.5 Creedmoor and do you get complete pass throughs on Elk or similar sized game?
We don't have elk in Maine but on a dead on broadside shot it went completely thru a big black bear at 200yds, but it never touched a bone either, slipped between ribs on both sides. That was the eld-x 143gr which is currently the best factory load for the 6.5 in my opinion. On something like moose I would have to load the 156gr oryx or something similar, unless there is a factory load I don't know of. I could be wrong, but I think that's asking a bit much of the eld-x
.243 kills them, just don,t shoot them in the guts.

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I use 41.8 grains of IMR 4451 behind a 143 grain ELD-X at 165 yards it passed right through the Impala my wife shot last week. It went through both rib cages, both lungs and the heart. I shot a blue wildebeest and it when through one side both lungs the top of the heart and was stopped in the shoulder on the apposing side. It started to run but we heard it fall .. about 100 feet from where I shot it. Loud thud .. LOL it was an easy find.
6.5 Creedmoor will be fine on warthog. I'm taking my 6.5x55 CZ 550 FS to Limpopo in three weeks - planning to use it on impala, klippy, duiker, and mountain reedbuck. Also will have my 35 Whelen along for nyala, warthog, and black wildebeest. I discussed with my outfitter and he was very comfortable with the 6.5 up to impala/springbuck. I'm planning to use my 35 Whelen for my warthog, but if a good old gnarly pig steps in front of me with my 6.5x55 I wouldn't hesitate to take him with that caliber.

Still futzing with my 6.5x55 load *way* to late in the game - really want to shoot 140g Aframes but can't find a load this rifle really likes. All just outside an inch to 1.5". One more range trip this weekend and I have to settle on a recipe and load up 40 pills to take pretty quickly.

Back on topic, I won a raffle for a 6.5 Creedmoor Mauser M18 at the Atlanta SCI banquet in March. Wasn't impressed with the M18 at all so I traded it (and cash, obviously) for a Christensen Mesa in 6.5 Creedmoor. That rifle, just like my Christensen in 300WM is a tack driver and is not picky about what you feed it. Shot factory Barnes 127 LRX, Federal 140 AB, and cheap American Whitetail 129 Interlocks inside MOA and the rifle isn't even broken in yet. The LRX and AB factory loads were *well* inside an inch at 100 yards.

The 130 Scirocco in Norma's American PH line was a little outside an inch. Ordered a box of factory 143 ELD-X to try next. I'm strongly leaning towards the Federal 140g AB as my go to, since I like heavy for caliber bullents and Accubond's performance on game.

If all my paperwork wasn't already done and submitted for the CZ 6.5x55 I'd be taking this Christensen 6.5 Creedmoor instead!
Nice shooting and nice animals, kdiver58!
I'm [EDIT: NOT] getting good results in a Tikka 6.5 Creedmoor with the Barnes 127 gr LRX and RL16 powder.
I saw some random flyers at one point, but it appears to be a copper fouling issue after mixing in some non Barnes bullets. Cleaned with Patch Out and then Sweets and it looks like the problem went away.

I found out the random flyers with the Barnes 127 gr LRX and RL16 powder come back as soon as the barrel gets dirty - assuming the start point is a cold barrel. Possibly as little as 12-15 rounds is all it takes after a good cleaning and copper removal.

I have a pretty solid load with Swift 130 grain Scirocco's and will see how the 140 grain Accubonds do at some point.
My 6.5 CM load testing is done.

130 Sciroccos are sub MOA (3 shots) to at least 425 yrs, and run 2,845 seated .151" off the lands with RL16. And a standard deviation of 7.2. Dirty barrel or clean.
It took a bit of effort to find the right combination.

140 Swift A-Frames were surprisingly easy to find an accuracy node with RL17. (A very temp sensitive powder, btw.) Magical seating depth for the 24" Tikka was .062" off the lands. Magneto Speed velocity at 2,748 fps with temp about 72F. SD for 8 shots was in the 6s.

Now I just need to decide which will work best. I'm leaning toward the Scirocco with its .571 BC, but the 140 A-Frame is probably superior at the distances likely to be seen in Limpoppo Province.
I may have a opportunity to go on a 5-Day with Kuche in Limpopo for Blemsbok, Impala and Warthog in 2019. I noticed they recommend 7mm and up for mininums.

I have a 6.5 Creedmoor (pretty much a ballistic twin to full pressure 6.5x55 loads) that I shoot really well with 129 Hornady Interlocks @ 2800 fps. They have been very effective on Whitetail and Feral Hogs to 200 lb (Haven't shot anything larger), They exit on shoulder shots on the hogs. I have not taken any Texas Heart Shots.

Do you think the 6.5 CR is to light for Warthog?
You must be talking about 6.5x55 factory loads, who load a bit light due to the old mauser worries. I'm shooting a 155 grain Lapua Mega at 2750 FPS out of my 6.5 Swede. Nonetheless, a 6.5CM well placed will take any of those animals listed. Just noticed the date....lol
It's still good information. Many of the outfitters are from the old school. They have a rule and the rule is the rule. Even my outfitter said "I will let you hunt with your rifle with one animal if it does not go well then you will use mine" I used mine the whole time.

You must be talking about 6.5x55 factory loads, who load a bit light due to the old mauser worries. I'm shooting a 155 grain Lapua Mega at 2750 FPS out of my 6.5 Swede. Nonetheless, a 6.5CM well placed will take any of those animals listed. Just noticed the date....lol
I know this is an old thread, but it’s great to hear pros of the 6.5 Creedmoor.
Thanks everyone! It’s refreshing to hear of 6.5 Creedmoor success. It seems fashionable to bash the Creedmoor these days. My Nieces daughter took a nice elk last year with hers, & I’ve taken an Antelope & Whitetail doe with it, no problems. another nice thing about the Creedmoor is IT’S FUN to shoot!!!!

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