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Nov 17, 2018
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I may have a opportunity to go on a 5-Day with Kuche in Limpopo for Blemsbok, Impala and Warthog in 2019. I noticed they recommend 7mm and up for mininums.

I have a 6.5 Creedmoor (pretty much a ballistic twin to full pressure 6.5x55 loads) that I shoot really well with 129 Hornady Interlocks @ 2800 fps. They have been very effective on Whitetail and Feral Hogs to 200 lb (Haven't shot anything larger), They exit on shoulder shots on the hogs. I have not taken any Texas Heart Shots.

I don't really have anything between 6.5 CR and .338 Win Mag right now. .338 seems a little excessive (A 200 Grain Winchester Soft Point will pretty much decapitate a deer on a neck shot) and while an excuse to buy a new rifle is nice I've sold my .277-323 rifles for the most part because they didn't do anything I couldn't do better with a 6.5 or .338 WM.

Has anyone hunted with less than 7mm with Kuche and did you have any issues?

Do you think the 6.5 CR is to light for Warthog?
I can promise you that your 6.5 CR will be more than enough. This June I flattened a Warthog at 150 yrds with my 243 win. so no problem for you. I also dropped on the spot a nice Oryx (neck shot) with the same rifle . 85 grain Sierra Gamekings I consider impala and blesbok in the same category as Fallow deer and I shoot them with the same rifle here in the UK.
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Hit 'em where it counts with that Creedmoor and it's all over but the pickup. :A Stars:

Aside that, I killed one with a .17 Fireball and others with a 6.5x47.
I picked up a 6.5 Creedmoor this summer and have been working on loads, so far 130g seem to be getting some good results
The Creedmoor will work fine with the 129s. Hit them in the right place and they won't go far.

But check with your PH to confirm that he doesn't insist on a 7MM or larger.
No problem with the calibre or bullets for the three species mentioned.
If you can accurately shoot it will be fine. I would take 2 rifles and the 338 is a good one. I would suggest you use Nosler Partitions or Swift A-Frames myself. That is what we used the 2 trips we took. We used 120gr Swift A-Frames in the 257R and 257W rifles. I used 225gr A-Frames in my 338win mag. Took a 30-06 using 150gr TTSX Barnes but did not use it. Also used some 100gr Barnes TTSX in the 257W for a few animals. Total animals killed was in excess of 80.
The cheaper bullets will work but using better bullets never hurts.
The Creedmoor will work fine with the 129s. Hit them in the right place and they won't go far.

But check with your PH to confirm that he doesn't insist on a 7MM or larger.
I was disappointed with 150s and almost committed the Creedmoor to the closet til I tried the 130s
Using 140 Hornady factory load ammo in my 6,5 Creedmore.. no problems at all!!! My good friend and hunting partner loads his own 140 Hornady ammo for his 6,5 Creedmore. He prints 3 x shots into the same hole at 100m...with that you can take on any PG.
I have done zero load development for this rifle. I had bought some cheap Hornady American Whitetail to get some brass and did a little sighting in and then cleaned the barrel. Shot a few rounds to foul the bore. Then 1 shot and cool (3" High at 100 yd), 2 shots and cool (Hmmm that's one ragged hole), 2 shots (All five shots in one ragged hole). At $12 a box I didn't think I would save much and suspected trying to beat the Factory Ammo would be tough.

Might try the Barnes 127 and see how it shoots.
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6.5 Creedmoor is perfect for plains game. I used it for everything last year up to kudu, gemsbok and wildebeest. Works wonderfully!
As a kid growing up around young WWII vets I listened intently to their stories of how the 6.5 was an absolute piece of junk.

These guys obviously weren't in the Pacific.

One of my favorite rounds of all time has been and will continue to be the 264 WinMag leaving my pre 64 with my big Unertal scope on top.

The Creedmore is just a tiny bit less powerful and a warthog hit in the right spot with the right bullet becomes right dead, right quickly.
I realized my statement about load development above made it sound like I had only shot one load. This isn't true but the only one I've used on a large pig (200 lb +) was a 140 grain Noseler Accubond. It entered the left shoulder and exited the right ham so penetration was impressive. Based on the amount of damage I don't believe expansion was as violent as the 129 Interlock.

I sent Koos an email to see his opinion on the 6.5 CR if I limit Game Size to 100 kg.

PS I do have a 6.5-284 Norma I could take and use with the 156 grain Oryx if you think I need just a lil' more. Might even take both in case I have a rifle issue.
I have shot a few warthogs with a .22-250, so I believe you´ll do fine with your 6.5 CR
I shoot 143 gr ELD-X and have had good luck on hogs, deer, and the occasional raccoon that makes unwanted visit to my feeder.
...and the occasional raccoon that makes unwanted visit to my feeder.
Damn due...bring enough gun why don't ya.
I like it!
Lots of good choices in .264
Nosler 125 and 140
Hornady Interbond and ELD-X
Swift Scirocco II 130 gr. A-Frame would be a better choice, I think, in 6.5-284 or 264 WM.
Norma Oryx 156 gr (my only gripe about this bullet is the insanely low BC, which will really limit your range)
Woodleigh 160 gr PP
Lapua Mega 155

Of all those, I think the ELD-X probably opens the easiest. Watched a video of fellow on a cull hunt shoot a blesbock ram from about 800 yards with the ELD-X (260 Rem). It went down like it was pole-axed. I doubt any of the premiums would open at all at 800 yards out of a 6.5CM

If you plan on hunting (as opposed to sniping), any of those will work well out to 200 yards, and several of them should work well out to 300 yards.

I've got great loads for ELD-X and NP 125 for my 6.5x55. I believe I'm going to try the Woodleigh 160 PP next.
Not the greatest bullet but, you will be fine just take care with shot placement, especially on the Warthog at close range.

Well I did state on a previous post on another topic that.375 H&H makes excellent ammo for Chipmunks out of my .375 Weatherby.

Only problem is it seems to do a little cape damage (as in can't find it).

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