winchester 70

  1. P

    Winchester Model 70 Magazine Follower Binding

    Hey guys, I just received a new Safari Express in 375. have not shot it yet, already experiencing an issue. The follower is binding with the internal box magazine. It will not fully drop either empty or with cartridges. I’ve taken the action out and put it back together thinking it may not be...
  2. LES7

    Winchester 70 CRF 30-378 Weatherby Mag

    Guns I don’t want to sell listing #4. My shoulders are shot, and I won’t shoot this. I traded for this last year to set up for long range. Had the stock cerakoted, added USO FFP scope, and an atlas bipod (those are nice) HEAVY ss barrel, New Haven serial # I have not shot this rifle yet. Will...
  3. LES7

    Winchester 70 CRF Left Hand 458 Lott

    Guns I don’t want to sell listing #2. My shoulders are shot, and I won’t shoot this one again. CRF New Haven serial #. Prob was 458 win re barreled. I’ve shot this 3 times to zero the scope leupold 1.5x5 with Talley quick release. Comes with over 200 rounds 500gr and over 70 rounds 550gr. I will...
  4. Bullthrower338

    In search of Pre-64 338 WM barrel

    My buddy was gifted a Pre-64 Model 70 in 338 WM, problem is the gun was cut down to be used out of a Super Cub up in Alaska. We were talking this weekend about what he should build off of the action, I told him there is only one choice, what it was originally chambered for, one of the best all...
  5. LES7

    Winchester 70 LH 300 Win Mag With Boss

    Winchester Classic Sporter Boss LH in 300 win mag. with the right crf serial # Beautiful classic Leupold 3.5x10 A.O. Boss is set for factory 180gr. Good groups on that so I didn't adjust. $2500.00 OBO maybe would consider trades there is a small ding side of barrel and stock scuff (see pics) and...
  6. LES7

    Custom Winchester 70 LH 7MM Rem Mag

    Custom Winchester LH Classic (with the right crf serial number) 7 mag with 24” barrel and Zeiss Conquest 3-9x40. this rifle is a tack driver w/ 160gr I’m listing it here first for $2500.00 OBO Would consider trades thanks
  7. Bullthrower338

    For Sale 1974 Winchester M70 Super Grade 458 Win Mag

    1974 model 70 Super Grade with Williams peep installed. I bought this rifle from a gentleman that took it to Tanzania and killed a buff with it so it has been hunted and has a few character marks that came honestly. Hasn’t seen much use since it got back home. I’ve shot maybe a box of shells...
  8. Ryan Furman

    For Sale Winchester 70 375

    This is 1 of 4 of "The Nearly Perfect Rifle Battery" of which only 100 sets were made. I am not sure that means anything to anyone as it means little too me. I bought this with an incorrect assumption it had a forward recoil lug and would rather get rid of this and purchase a rifle with the...