1. Damon Hunts Africa - Part 1

    Damon Hunts Africa - Part 1

    Join Bayly Sippel Safaris and Damon Bungard on his first trip to Africa with bow and rifle! Damon Bungard is an avid outdoorsman and avid blood dog owner. Yo...
  2. DieJager

    Vintage Lion Hunting

  3. Wihan

    Shooting a big Blue Wildebeest cow (looked like a bull)

  4. Wihan

    Bowhunting compilation (Big Nyala and wildebeest)

    A bowhunting compilation from my last year's hunts!
  5. Kowas Adventure Safaris

    Kowas Hunting Safaris - Promo Video

    Enjoy OUR brand new Kowas Hunting Safaris Promo Video!
  6. Opposite Pole

    Meanwhile in Hungary

    Found this video online, just something to drool over...
  7. P

    Hunting Safari Filming 2017

    Good day everyone, I would like to share a short clip with you all of a recent safari in Zambia that we filmed for a client. Also, I would like to let you know we have new rates for your 2017 Safari filming package. Our cameramen enjoy safari life and are experienced to film under the...
  8. gpelkhunter

    CANADA: BOW HUNT: Bow Cam Video Hunting Elk 12 Yard Shot

    The hunting buddy, Brad and I had a new first for elk hunting. We pulled a double header, he got his bull in the morning and I got lucky on the evening hunt. The morning started out with an answer when we got into one of our lick areas, that encounter was over real quick as the bull came in on a...