safari planning

  1. Philip Glass

    Shooting Sticks

    I have a brief rundown of the various shooting sticks here and discuss their application in preparing for your next safari. I believe shooting and hunting off sticks regularly is the best safari prep a person can do. Regards, Philip PS Checkout how little recoil there is from my Tikka 7mm Mag...
  2. Philip Glass

    Safari Planning - 3 Things

    Here is my latest Safari Planning video. As most of us are just planning and not getting to hunt this year I though it would be a good idea to share my thoughts on what is important to do ahead of time. These videos are not meant to answer all possible questions on Safari Planning but more to...
  3. Philip Glass

    Safari Planning & Air Travel

    A video with tips for long flights and planning for safari!

    First Timer African Safari Common Mistakes To Avoid

    Thank you for the suggestion @sierraone! I thought this could be a great idea to start a thread that is like a road map for first timers to avoid common mistakes and pitfalls. In this thread members can put their thoughts and suggestion from personal experience or from patterns that they have...
  5. Philip Glass

    My Top Ten Gear Items For Safari

    Here is a video explaining ten items I can't do without on a typical day on safari. I hope this helps not only in planning your next safari but also dreaming of your next great hunt! Philip
  6. KMG Hunting Safaris

    Toronto Sportsmen Show 18-22 March 2020

    We'll once again be exhibiting at the Toronto Sportsmen Show, being held from 18- 22 March 2020. You can find us in booth 2720, so if you are in the area, please stop by, even if its just to put a face to the name.
  7. Ridge Runner

    What are the Alternatives Johannesburg to Port Elizabeth with weapons?

    With SAA no longer flying the Johannesburg to Port Elizabeth route what are the alternative airline(s) for hunters traveling with weapons? Mango airlines is "SUPPOSE TO BE" allowed to transport weapons, BUT, either their website has not be updated or it's business as usual and they still don't...
  8. Philip Glass

    My Favorite Gear From 4 Safaris

    I thought I would pass along my thoughts on my favorite gear from my four safaris in the last two years. I am not going to discuss what didn't work or what I don't personally like but just hit the high points and hope that it will benefit some folks as they head out on their adventures. 1...
  9. Philip Glass

    I Can't Wait.......

    I can't wait, its one week to go. I can't wait to pack it up and get gone! I can't wait to shoot my .375 a final time, I can't wait to count and weigh my ammo, again... I can't wait to make that final decision on what I really NEED to take, I can't wait to pack my bags checking my list at least...