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    Anything Africa - Nathan Askew - Bullet Safaris - Zoom Safari

  2. Kyle Haefele

    Hello! Ola! halo! From Eastern Cape SA

    Gooday, New Here!! Love the site! I am Currently 24 years old, working for an hunting operation based in Eastern Cape South Africa. Been a Ph for a short 5 years, and graduated last year with a Bsc Animal Science degree! I have been offered a tremendous opportunity to run a hunting camp in...
  3. MerlinMc

    Opinion Sought -- Exporting & Processing Trophies from Mozambique

    Opinions please: I have two crocodiles and one hippo collected in Mozambique that I want to get back to the US. The hides will be tanned into leather. And the skulls will be plain bleach skull mounts. Should I have the tanning and final skull preparation done in South Africa? Or, should I...
  4. Mokore Safaris: Mozambique Sable

    Mokore Safaris: Mozambique Sable

    Sable. Nhacainga Conservancy, Coutada 9. October 2018.
  5. Mokore Safaris: Mozambique Bushbuck

    Mokore Safaris: Mozambique Bushbuck

    East African Bushbuck. Nhacainga Conservancy, Coutada 9. October 2018.
  6. G

    Need help with dates for Buffalo Hunt

    We are planning our third trip to Africa in 2019, we currently have dates locked down in the first of August and but have the possibility of moving them to the end of May and first of June. Any one have experience hunting buffalo in early June, flight cost is almost half of what it would be in...
  7. MerlinMc

    Hippo hunting & Mozambique

    A couple of questions on hippo: Is Mozambique hippo now legal for sport hunting and exporting to the US? See: Most of my trophies are skulls or skull mounts. I've heard that hippo teeth are fragile. Is...
  8. BigBore

    MOZAMBIQUE: Buffalo Hunting With Craig Boddington In Mozambique

    I have been on may African hunts but now I am truly spoiled after hunting with Craig Boddington in Mozambique at Zambeze Delta Safaris, Mark Hadane's outfit. This was not my first dangerous game hunt but it certainly was the best. Craig had invited me along so I signed up. Craig shot a...

    POLL: Would you hunt Leopard with Dogs?

    IF YOU SUPPORT HUNTING LEOPARD WITH HOUNDS AS A METHOD ANSWER YES. It's my failure in question design, when I made the question personal and not about the method of hunting. Given the fact that the Anti's are pressuring consultants and government game departments on the subject of Hounds and...
  10. thi9elsp

    MOZAMBIQUE: Majune Safaris 2016

    T-minus 3 days. it's finally here or should I say, it's here already??!!! I thought I would start this thread to talk about preparation. I may not post while hunting, but will update the thread when we return. Outfitter/PH: Manuel Corona Majune Safaris, Niassa, Mozambique...
  11. thi9elsp

    Mozambique - Zinave Park Animal Transfer from SA

    I found this article interesting. Especially since it is mentioned that the relocation is to help support hunting and then tourists. It's nice to see an article at least refer to the benefits of hunting in expanding the overall wildlife system...
  12. thi9elsp

    Mozambique Travel: Be Flexible!

    So, 74 days until Ann and I leave for our safari in Mozambique. First: About two months ago Manuel Corona of Majune Safaris was notified that a government official would be hunting his concession and of course, it would occur during our scheduled time. So, Manuel offered us two options: a)...
  13. Bowhica

    From SE Texas!!

    A friend of mine recently bid on an African 2 man hunt with Theron Safaris over in Mozambique and won it. He called me and asked if I would share this potentially amazing trip with him. I took the day and considered the impacts financially. My beautiful bride fianlly told me I would be crazy to...
  14. Lion ~ Lebombo Conservancy, Mozambique

    Lion ~ Lebombo Conservancy, Mozambique

    An old worrier hunted at the foothills of the Lebombo Mountain Range in Mozambique. Battered, bruised and all scarred up, this gentleman was shy and smart as they come. Probably in fear of other dominant males in the area and to avoid conflict, would eat once and move off which eluded the...
  15. Leopard Hunting with Theunis Botha

    Leopard Hunting with Theunis Botha

  16. Croc in Mozam

    Croc in Mozam

    15 foot croc shot in Mozambique
  17. Crocodile 13/12 Feet Mozambique

    Crocodile 13/12 Feet Mozambique

    Biggest Crocodile shot in the month I was up at Mahimba Reserve, Mozambique. Killed by a Czech client. 13 1/2 Feet ( 412 cm). August 2012
  18. Mozambique Crocodile

    Mozambique Crocodile

    Crocodile I shot at Mahimba Reserve, Zambesia Province, Central Mozambque. August 2012
  19. Mozambique