hunting in namibia

  1. Kowas Adventure Safaris

    Hunt Specials Namibia - Bwabwata National Park - Mahango Core Area 2020

    Dear Friends, We have some Hunt hunt SPECIAL packages for Mukongo Camp in 2020. Mukongo Camp is situated in Mahango Core Area which falls within the greater Bwabwata National Park, in the Zambezi Region of Namibia. This forms part of a trans-frontier park, of which 630,000 hectares or...
  2. Kowas Adventure Safaris

    Kowas Hunting Safaris - Mukongo Camp 2019 Season

    Dear Friends, It's with great pleasure that I now can share some of our trophy pictures from Mukongo Camp in Mahango National Park in NAMIBIA. It has been an awesome season so far. It's a biggame MECCA! And a plainsgame paradise... This area will NEVER disappoint! Some of the Cape...
  3. Kowas Adventure Safaris

    Kowas Hunting Safaris - Promo Video

    Enjoy OUR brand new Kowas Hunting Safaris Promo Video!
  4. Kowas Adventure Safaris

    Father & Son Hunt

    We had the privilege of hosting a father & son hunt this week. It was a great safari to say the least... It was inspirational to see you much fun Stanley & Tanner Lowrey had on the hunt. It's a safari that truly stands out from the others so far this year, simply because of their relationship...
  5. Kowas Adventure Safaris

    Kudu Of A Lifetime

    Kudu of a Lifetime A feeling of misfortune overwhelmed me as I sat on the back of the Land Cruiser that bounced with urgency as we made our way back to camp. A day spent climbing up and down hills in search of a trophy Gemsbuck or kudu was fruitless. Jody Newbold from Colorado was sitting beside...
  6. Mike Brown

    NAMIBIA: Hunting In Namibia

    We went hunting in Namibia last summer 2016. We hunted with the outfitter Kowas. Danie and Anzie were amazing hosts. Their ranch was very nice and the rooms were outstanding. Their PH Mathews was a former tracker and became a PH so his skills about getting on Trophies was amazing. Namibia...

    Africa Greatest Safari Hunting Expedition

    Experience free-range hunting in the Khomas Highland mountains and the world famous Kalahari dessert. 14 FULL DAY SAFARI + ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE DAY SPECIES INCLUDED: 1. GREATER KUDU 2. RED HARTEBEEST 3. GEMSBUCK- KHOMAS HIGHLAND 4. GEMSBUCK - KALAHARI 5. MOUNTIAN ZEBRA 6. BLACK WILDEBEEST...
  8. Jacques.strauss

    A Campfire Story For One Day

    Two and a half sun-beaten, dehydrated and dusty days of glassing and tracking turned into a day that will be told and retold around campfires for decades to come. My good friend Joseph von Benedikt brought his twin brother and two great friends Dan & Paul along on their first African Safari...