1. SteveConroy84

    Dakota 76 Safari .375 H&H/W Zeiss Conquest/Talley Rings.

    Selling my Dakota Arms 76 Safari .375 H&H/W Zeiss Conquest/Tally Rings. I will sell the rifle without the scope, but not the scope without the rifle. I'll also included 50 rounds of .375 H&H ammo. asking $6900. The rifle is at my hangar in Georgia. Don't tire kick me on here, I'm not interested...
  2. Aaron Nietfeld

    Holland and Holland Super 30

    https://www.gunbroker.com/item/803082592 Just came across this listing, and it seems a little too good to be true. Can anyone provide some insight? @rookhawk should be able to shed some light on this I think!
  3. Tom Leoni

    New H&H Bolt Action?

    Today I had the chance to handle and dry-snap a new Rigby Highland Stalker, and my impression was highly positive--especially at the price of just under $ 8 grand US. The only thing negative I could possibly say about it, if I really had to, was that the barrel swivel ring is a bit clunky--so if...
  4. neckdeep

    For Sale Cooper Model 52 Classic 375 H&H

    Cooper Model 52 Classic 375 H&H, extra clip, original box, papers, and test target, round count unknown but looks to be low, upgraded wood, excellent condition with a few small handling marks, $1850 plus shipping
  5. neckdeep

    FS Cooper Model 56 Classic 375 H&H & Cooper Model 52 Classic 375 H&H

    Cooper Model 56 Classic 375 H&H, original box, papers and test target, gun has approximately 40 rounds fired, broke in properly, beautiful wood, as new condition, never been in the field, Warne bases $1850 plus shipping
  6. Rifles Ready for Africa

    Rifles Ready for Africa

    My ladies are finally all dressed up, blinged out and ready to go. Just a quick trip to U.S. Customs is needed. Burris Optics and Galco Gun Leather are sponsors of our hunt. Only 69 days to go.....but no one is counting. LOL
  7. Kudu


    Kudu taken at 140 yards w/ CZ 550 .375 H&H @ Tarentaalrand Safari Lodge with PH Theuns Cloete
  8. Stallion Zebra

    Stallion Zebra

    Taken broadside at 100 yards with my 375 H&H magnum using Norma Oryx 300grain bullet. Broke rib and ruptured lungs with lot of bleeding.He ran for 30 yards and then dropped down. Zebra are quite tough to withstand proper shot placement and can run for a while before dropping dead.