covid -19

  1. jpr9954

    US Government investing in COVID-19 vax production in South Africa

    I'm on the US State Department's email feed for updates on Africa. They posted this today. The way I look at it, the sooner COVID-19 is under control in southern Africa, the better it will be for them and for us as hunters traveling to Africa.
  2. Bullet Safaris

    Tanzania 2020 hunting season OPEN - season underway and extended

    Hello, just an update for yall interested in hunting Africa this year. This may be the year for you to act on your plans or wishes to hunt in what is considered the best hunting location in all of Africa! Or possibly a canceled hunt elsewhere has left your schedule open? Tanzania has had its...
  3. BeeMaa

    What Are Your Alternative Plans?

    We had some plans for this year like fishing with friends and some short trips. Next year my wife had planned for us to do a bigger trip that is now in jeopardy. Today she comes to me and asked what our alternative plans are...or what they could be. Guess I should have seen this coming but I...

    SOUTH AFRICA: Covid-19, Africa & Hunting Safaris - JKO Hunting Safaris

    Fellow hunters and friends, I put together this email and send it out to all my clients and friends, I thought that I would also share it on here and update the thread as we receive news and updates. We recognize that with the constantly changing COVID-19 situation around the world, this is...
  5. sgt_zim


    March 23 SOUTH AFRICA (RSA) announces a 21 day countrywide Lock Down effective midnight Thursday March 26 March 15. SOUTH AFRICA (RSA) is closing it's borders to non-citizens of the USA and the UK and a host of others. As well as travellers going through high risk countries. NAMIBIA has closed...