bowhunting africa

  1. Wihan

    Bowhunting a GIANT warthog in Africa

    I got lucky and harvested my new personal best warthog! This warthog was the perfect animal to harvest as he had only 2 lower teeth left and had just started losing condition. I am so grateful to have had this opportunity to hunt at Kransberg safaris with my dad and brother! Link to the video...


    We here at LIAM URRY SAFARIS offer you AFRICA the way it should be with carefully selected areas and lodges, specifically designed to give you the best Hunting Safari possible! From the minute you arrive to your trophy being hung in the trophy room, we will be there every step of the way...
  3. Wihan

    Impala heart shot! (With a crossbow)

  4. Limcroma Safaris

    Limcroma Safaris

    We at Limcroma Safaris are pleased to present our 2020 promotional video. We have lots of new amenities for our guests to enjoy at our 2 luxurious lodges, and we have more hunting properties than ever exclusively for our guests to hunt. Whether you are planning that first African safari with the...
  5. Spear Safaris

    Spear Safaris

    WELCOME TO SPEAR SAFARIS Spear Safaris is owned and operated by Ernest and Marita Dyason. It is a family owned hunting business that has been operating since 1995 offering world class big game trophy hunting. The staff at Spear Safaris is dedicated to ensuring a hunting safari experience that...

    Bowhunting Bushpig in daylight with a bow! Who has done it?

    Good day AH community! This is just a post to find out how many of you have been lucky enough to take the "Ghost of Darkness" aka the African Bushpig in daylight with a bow? This must surely be one of the pinnacles of the archery world in Africa! Albeit mostly a huge case of very good luck and...
  7. Wihan

    My dad gets his first ever bow kill! A great warthog!

  8. Wihan

    Hunting a big warthog with my bow! Had to work hard for this kill!