1. Charlie P

    South Africa Air & Airlink

    I found out this morning that South Africa Airways has severed relations with South Africa Airlink. I was flying to Maun and also back Joburg and Port Eliz. I received notification from nobody but discovered my bookings were canceled when I tried to reschedule. To rebook I need to do so directly...
  2. thi9elsp

    SADC threatening to leave CITES - good for them

    I am 100% behind the southern African countries and their desire to manage their resources leveraging the successes they've had to provide funding for their countries. We'll see what happens from this...
  3. T

    Trophy Hunters - A Conservation Story - Episode 1

  4. G

    Greetings from Botswana

    Good Day My name is Gerhard Koch owner of Koch Safaris in Botswana. Although hunting on government concessions and management areas in Botswana are currently not permitted, hunting on privately own game ranches are permitted. Koch Safaris is the sole concession holders of a 143 000 ha...
  5. NG41 Botswana Elephants

    NG41 Botswana Elephants

    These are the two tuskers my dad and I took in NG 41 Botswana last August. My dad's weighed in at 70 lbs and mine at 60 lbs. The Ph's were Terry Palmer and Joekie du Toit and outfitters Johan Calitz.
  6. Botswana Buffalo

    Botswana Buffalo

    Botswana Buffalo
  7. Map of Hunting Concessions of Johan Calitz Safaris in Botswana

    Map of Hunting Concessions of Johan Calitz Safaris in Botswana

    Johan Calitz Safaris is entrusted with the management of two vast government and three community hunting concessions in the Okavango Delta and Chobe eco-systems. These border the Moremi Game Reserve, the Chobe National Park and the Nxai Pan National Park of northern Botswana and cover 15.000...
  8. Botswana