1. 2

    375 Solid?? **Elephant**

    I am looking at the Swift Break-Away Solid in .375 cal. 300 grain for elephant. Does anyone have any experience with this bullet? If not what solids do you guys have experience with in .375 cal.? What do you recommend? Thanks, 275
  2. 2

    Ruger No 1 *** Questions ***

    I would like to know the following about Ruger No 1’s in 375 H&H in particular. 1. Is there different barrel sizes, profiles and weights? If so please explain. 2. Is there a chart somewhere that shows all of the calibers and there configurations? 3. I have seen barrel weights listed by...
  3. 2

    375 H&H Cross Bolts???

    I am looking at a 375 H&H custom m98 rifle. The rifle is a professional build with extremely well inletting and bedding but with no cross bolts. My questions. 1. Does a 375 need cross bolts if the stock is properly inletted and bedded. 2. If so how many. One or two. 3. If just one cross bolt...
  4. Oldrocks4570

    375 Bullets For Sale

    I have some extra 375 bullets. Sounds like some are getting scarce and hate to see someone's hunt suffer. I have a partial box of .375/300 gr Barnes Solids. I think they were stopped production a while back and scarce. 44 of them. A box of Hornady 375/300 gr FMJ and a box of 375/300 gr Nosler...
  5. Jan007

    For Sale BRNO 375 CZ 602 With Lynx 4-16 x 42 Scope & Gun Bag

    BRNO 375 CZ 602 with Lynx 4-16 x 42 scope, Brno 375 CZ 602 with mounted Lynx 4-16 x 42 scope and gunbag. As good as new. Fired about 30 shots at most. R25,000.00.
  6. H

    For Sale 375 Ruger Brass New

    Bought a 375 Ruger rifle for a dream hunt. Still dreaming. Also bought wayyyyy more brass than I'll ever need. Starting with 100pcs, new, never fired. Will bag bulk and ship flat rate USPS. $115 shipped lower 48, Paypal FF. New here, but happy to point to a number of other places I've...
  7. G

    Help - I've lost my Load- 357 H&H

    Hello all I have lost the load data for 375 H7H. I had it signing a few years ago. I used purchased Ammo but now I want reload gain and I can't find any info. I was on a laptop that crashed and I can't find a back up. I was very happy I used 300g Rhino 375H&H Solid Shank Bonded Core, and 335...
  8. neckdeep

    For Sale CZ 550's 375 H&H & 270 Win

    CZ 550 American 270 Win (2012) as new condition with very low round count, scope and rings not included $700 CZ 550 Safari Classics 375 H&H (2013) as new and looks unfired, Euro stock, $900 Both guns are in perfect condition All prices...
  9. neckdeep

    For Sale American Hunting Rifles AHR Custom CZ 550 Upgrade #3 + 375 H&H

    I have a beautiful AHR Custom in 375 H&H. I took this to Mozambique in September 2018, it is a well proven DG or PG Safari rifle. I didn't do much load development because it shot everything really well, especially likes 300 gr TSX at 2475 fps, very accurate rifle. Feed and function is...
  10. B

    Looking For 375 To Assist With Counter Poaching

    Good day, I am new to this group and am reaching out to anyone that can assist. I would like to get more involved in supporting the Counter Poaching Unit and to do this i need to have my own rifle. If you know of one that is available, or can introduce me to someone who can help, i would...
  11. A

    Sidelock HEYM 71d?

    Has anyone ever heard of a HEYM model 71d sidelock? Any opinions on the model, if you have?
  12. A

    Heym, Rigby or Mauser?

    Does anyone have any experience with either the HEYM Martini Express, the Rigby Big Game, or the Mauser m98 Magnum? Considering a rifle in .375HH, curious at to whether there are any standout differences between the three. Any input appreciated.
  13. neckdeep

    For Sale Cooper Model 52 Classic 375 H&H

    Cooper Model 52 Classic 375 H&H, extra clip, original box, papers, and test target, round count unknown but looks to be low, upgraded wood, excellent condition with a few small handling marks, $1850 plus shipping
  14. neckdeep

    FS Cooper Model 56 Classic 375 H&H & Cooper Model 52 Classic 375 H&H

    Cooper Model 56 Classic 375 H&H, original box, papers and test target, gun has approximately 40 rounds fired, broke in properly, beautiful wood, as new condition, never been in the field, Warne bases $1850 plus shipping
  15. Stallion Zebra

    Stallion Zebra

    Taken broadside at 100 yards with my 375 H&H magnum using Norma Oryx 300grain bullet. Broke rib and ruptured lungs with lot of bleeding.He ran for 30 yards and then dropped down. Zebra are quite tough to withstand proper shot placement and can run for a while before dropping dead.