here is cull hunt video from yesterday follow us on YouTube for the full video coming soon!

Hunting season 2023 is in Full swing we are currently guiding our 5th safaris for the year and our 3rd father and son hunt for the year! We have taken some very good trophies and will be posting pictures and video as we can! watch this space!

feel free to contact me anytime on email or WhatsApp if you have any questions!!

henrygriffiths@gmail,com or +27788128664
Guys we have some great news,

We have secured an awesome hunting concession in the North west province of south Africa the hunting areas are in the Schweizer-Reneka area of the south Africa

all plains game species are present with a luxury lodge and tented chalets!

Highlights are big numbers of buffalo with a quota of 10 trophy bulls per year as well as springbok and wildebeest grandslams can be done on the area! we have exceptional springbok trophies with rams that would easily qualify for Roland Ward and SCI gold medal's

pictures and video's to follow soon! please follow us on here or on Facebook and YouTube for daily updates on our hunts and game and lodge

Shoot me a message we have some good deals for an African summer hunt!
,but that doesn't mean we are not busy here is a video from our YouTube channel we are still keeping busy hunting and fishing even though there are few clients around.

Here is a video of hunt i did with my son and dad to the kalahari area!

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