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    NAMIBIA: Did Someone Go Hunting With Sumsare Safaris?

    i believe he was charged in namibia for illegal activity.
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    rifle suppressors

    i used one as well in both namibia and r.s.a. the ones that i used, didnt seem to make the rifle that quiet. why cant we use them on this side of the pond?
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    african hunting show coming to canada

    just a reminder that the african hunting show is coming to toronto on january 20-21 and calgary jan. 27-28.
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    i attended the african only show in toronto and booked my trip after the show. the reason for the number of outfitters is to keep it small and personal. you can talk to the different outfitters and have quality time with them. their are more than enough outfitters to make your choice. and one...
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    taxidermy questions

    the price of dip and pack, shipping ,taxi work is greater than the price of your plains game safari. if you dont take anything home, you can go twice.
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    Cost for Namibia airfare

    i travelled from toronto to frankfurt and then direct to windhoek. this avoids going through jo-burg, a much better way. i also used lori at travel express and everything was handled very well. my seats were pre-booked, and had lots of leg room. i had a row of 5 all to myself on the return...
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    Disciplinary Action Taken Against Outfitter Conducting Leopard Hunt with Hounds

    i also believe that he was a victim of the situation. when hunters book a hunt in africa, they would certainly think that they were not going down to participate in an illegal hunt.
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    Disciplinary Action Taken Against Outfitter Conducting Leopard Hunt with Hounds

    i have contacted the fish and game club that he is an executive member of. they responded that it was non of their business if he was involved in an illegal hunt. i replyed that i believe it should be their business if an executive member was involved in an illegal hunt as it reflects poorly on...
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    Disciplinary Action Taken Against Outfitter Conducting Leopard Hunt with Hounds

    i am inquiring as to whether he is indeed the secretary. i know some locals.
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    Borrowing Firearms

    i rented rifles on my last hunt for 30 a day and $4 a round. i travelled for 2 weeks first and this was a great option.
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    Namibia Trophies

    i dont know if mountain zebra are found in this region.
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    Is Anyone Interested in a Seven Day African Hunting Safari for two? Cannot use trip and must sell...

    the prices are VERY some cases, 3x the normal rate. you see these donated hunts all the time like this. they offer i animal for 7 days. so after the first morning, you are done hunting and then you start shooting off the trophy list. so in reality, there is no deal.
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    species in the caprivi... what you shouldn't leave behind.

    i spent some time in the caprivi on my last trip. i was not hunting there, but went to see some of the species that could only be found in this region. sable roan tseesebe lechwe were some that were seen and would make a great addition to a trophy room.
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    Travel Insurance

    listen to lori, she took care of all my travel needs including insurance.