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    AUSTRALIA: Annual Camel Hunt

    I will just add one thing to the report for the sake of accuracy. Yes, his paramedic skills were put to good use on the cut finger of the station cook but it was a very small cut. In hindsight his intervention was just an excuse for a bloke to hold the hand of a good looking blonde who was half...
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    WANTED: Namibian outfitter wanted

    A friend and myself are in the very early stages of putting a hunt together for ourselves and another four hunters to hunt in Namibia in a couple of years time. At this point in time I'd like to make contact with, or be referred to an outfitter who could handle a party of six. Three of us have...
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    would you shoot?

    Nor me.
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    hog deer, my first attempt at this hope the vid goes through, enjoy

    Excellent footage, well done.
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    SOUTH AFRICA: Hunting Report KMG Safaris In The Eastern Cape

    Great report. :thumb: There's not a day that goes past where I don't think about my trip to Namibia, and the Eastern Cape is the next on my list.
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    Recommend a Bullet for Me?

    I won't add anything to the discussion on what bullet is best, all of the suggestions are very good. The advice re practice is very valid also, but practice off sticks. Shooting sticks are probably as foreign to you as they were to me before I went to Namibia but it's essential that you...
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    G'day from Australia

    Don't do it Tim!!!! Africa is like the Hotel California...."You can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave...":D
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    Namibia 2012 Plains GameHunting deal for March/April 2012

    I'm not Roy, but here's his website, Trophy hunting Safaris Namibia Most of your questions are answered on the site, but I feel sure he's got a bit to add to the thread.
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    I used the Swift system to transfer some money to my outfitter in Namibia, cheap fast and painless, the rest I paid in cash. Swift money transfer This is the first part of the 21st century, it appears there's a few banks with a bit of catching up to do.
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    Virgin wonders what country to start in for Antelope

    Jack, the only thing I'll add to the good advice already given, is that you practice, practice and practice a little bit more at shooting off sticks. Make it become second nature to you and you'll find it a lot easier in the heat of the moment on your hunt. Good post Rohan (HDP Safaris)...
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    Jo'Berg in April - Use a Gun Service?

    My experience was almost identical to Phoenix Phil's except my driver didn't talk to anyone. After everything I'd seen on forums I was very pleasantly surprised how easy it was.
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    What animal do you think is the most overrated for the trophy fee? Or daily fees that make it expens

    That's exactly the type of hunt I'd like to do. I came back from Namibia (first trip to Africa) last year with a set of warthog tusks, photos and video. Have I regretted bringing more home?? No. Sounds like a lot of fun...
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    Hunting Websites - Price List Posted vs Enquire for Prices

    I've got to disagree with that sentence. The hunter is paying for the time whether it takes hours or days to find a animal that meets his/her preference. It may suit some, but paying by the inch/cm isn't something I'd do. If I was fortunate enough to come across a particularly large trophy...
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    NAMIBIA: Has Anyone Hunted With Arno Schultz of La Bips In Namibia

    A good friend and I spent 8 days hunting with La Bips last September. It was the first hunting trip to Africa for both of us and we were both very pleased with Arno. We hunted NW of Ojitawarongo (Alovegrove) in the bushveld and then moved south to the Kalahari. Arno is a hard working and...
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    Hunting Websites - Price List Posted vs Enquire for Prices

    I tend to bypass outfits who don't list their prices on their sites. When I have requested pricelists from some outfitters, I've found they weren't significantly different from their competitors in the same area, so why not list them? Absolutely. You may not get much of a reduction in trophy...