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    Hunting: Coyotes Impacting Maine Deer

    Nothing like hitting that perfect last hour before dark during archery and the woods around you lights up with that familiar sound that lets you know it's over.
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    Hey Dennis would love to chat about mounts your doing. hope to talk soon left a couple...

    Hey Dennis would love to chat about mounts your doing. hope to talk soon left a couple messages at office. Dave
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    Experiences Over The Trophy, Putting The Adventure Back In Africa

    Great article you think like many of the guys I flyfish with they will pass on big fish if they won't take the perfect fly the perfect way.
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    Hello from New Hampshire

    Jacob You live in one of the best states in the country for trying to help you with hunter safety and general outdoorsmanship. Why would you wait to start something your making such big plans over? Moose, bear, whitetail, grouse, duck, turkey, smallgame and big game is abundant where you are...
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    Building an African-style fire pit

    I am replicating this in my back yard! The PH said he needs 2- 1st class flights and 25 economy tickets and he will get it done.
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    Best Rifle for all Deer hunting

    True but the chances of getting one of these past the wife rapidly goes downhill after first trip.
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    I am back.............

    I have to give kudos to the PH s who submit themselves to that journey yearly with zig zag flights all over the place here stand all day at shows. Not easy work.
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    Best Rifle for all Deer hunting

    I recommend since you are going to Africa you have an opportunity to get a new gun past the wife! Most of the PH carry 375HH good bet.
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    Soooo you got a new President...

    Ok 23 billion 700 million wasted! What size piece of hunting land in Zambia would 600 million get? Kwacha 57,660,000,000,000,000. Apparently this can get you around 2.1 million hectacres not sure how big that is but how long would it take if you did that every year before you owned the entire...
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    SAA Business Class JFK to JHB

    6'4" 240 going 250 returning and good flight but it is looooonnnngggg!