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    Thoughts on Scope Selection for Sauer 404

    Hi All, i just wanted to gauge others opinions about my possible scope selection for my Sauer 404 barrel in 375 H&H. Currently my Sauer 404 has a 300 Win Mag barrel which is fitted with a swaro Z5 3.5-18x44. I've got the 375 H&H barrel on the way and together these two calibers will form a...
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    Layover in Doha and COVID

    I agree with Red leg. If you want the mrs to shop she can do some serious damage to your credit card just at the airport. I was on the receiving end after only a 4 hour layover only.:mad:
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    Working Rifle

    The phrase "working rifle" is used by many people. What exactly does one classify as a working rifle? Its something i cant get my head around. I tend to treat all my rifles the same, as in i use them all and don't baby them. Thats not too say that i abuse them. I still value them as they still...
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    Cz550 standard bottom metal

    Ill speak to my mate in Houston to order it in for me a post it here,
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    Cz550 standard bottom metal

    Thank you. I'm in Australia which means I'll have to deal through Winchester Australia. That'll be fun. Six month wait just to get a reply.
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    Cz550 standard bottom metal

    hello, I just picked up a cz550 in 300 win mag. The bottom metal is not metal but actually plastic. Does anyone know who makes an after bottom metal for it, as im not a fan of the plastic? Tbh i dont know why cz did this on these rifles. Thanks
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    Mauser M98 Magnum

    I agree it does look odd. Thats what threw me. No idea why its done like that though.
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    Mauser M98 Magnum

    Perfect. Thanks mate.
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    Mauser M98 Magnum

    Can anyone please post some photos of their m98 magnum front sight please. I may be paranoid / or cant remember but when i pulled my 375 out of the safe today i realised the front bead site peice is angled downwards towards the muzzle. Ie. The ivory end is upwards towards tne reciever side. I...
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    300 Winchester Magnum bullets for plains game

    180 grain norma oryx. Awesome on plains games and have used it to rolls a few buffs too over the years.
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    Comment by 'Buffhunter' in media 'Custom BRNO action Rifle chambered in .350 Rigby Magnum'

    thanks mate. ive got a cz550 458 win mag which i will use which leaves me a spare complete rifle zkk600 in 30-06 pop up peep curved trigger now . May need to sell it. Although thinking about it the magnum action seems very big for a stalking rifle.
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    Comment by 'Buffhunter' in media 'Custom BRNO action Rifle chambered in .350 Rigby Magnum'

    Was the rifle built on a zkk600 or a zkk602 action? I want to build a 350 rigby too and am considering which action will be needed. I wouldve thought the zkk600 might be too short in the mag box.
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    Brno zg47 serial bolt serial number location

    Hi fellas, Just wondering where on the later model zg47 (1962) bolts is the serial number of the rifle located? I can see them on my earlier year rifles 54, 58, 59 etched on the inside of the bolt handle but my two 62 year rifles i cant seem to find them anywhere on the bolts. Any ideas? Cheers
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    Hi peter, if you still want the information on the 404 jeffrey from tonys book i can scan and...

    Hi peter, if you still want the information on the 404 jeffrey from tonys book i can scan and email them to you from work tommorow. Just pm me your email address if you wish. Regards Ismail
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    Bought an original FN in 404 Jeffery

    Good find mate a very nice rifle, but please do not drill and tap it like many people would be tempted to do.