Steak from Sambar Deer
Major Khan

Steak from Sambar Deer

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@echosue l am glad that you like it . All l use is fine grain salt and freshly ground black pepper. The trick is that when you start cooking the steak , cut some slits across the line of fat on 1 edge of the sir loin and then put a tea spoon of vegetable oil on the fatty edge of the steak and then salt the fatty edge. Heat your griddle pan over a high heat and then hold the steak fatty side down for 2 minutes . This causes the molten fat to run out of the steak and lubricate the grooves of the grill . Essentially the meat is then cooking in it's own fat .Then lay the steak flat and cook to taste. For an 8 ounce steak , you need 2 minutes in each side for rare , 3 minutes on each side for medium and 4 minutes on each side for well done . However , always remember this : The thinner the steak , the lesser the cooking time. I happen to like mine rare.
Give the steak 10 minutes to rest after you have finished grilling it . Serve it with your favorite side dish and condiments.
I like hand cut chips and Dijon mustard .
All the best.

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