ZAMBIA: BOWHUNT: Bow Hunt With Strang Middleton

Day 6

Debra and I stay back in camp to pack and prepare for our trip to Livingstone. We will overnight at the Royal Livingstone Hotel. We stayed there on our last trip and the service was impeccable.

Strang and the boys left camp at 8 for Choma to do Covid tests and then would carry on to another property where they will spend the balance of the day hunting Oribi and Chobe Bushbuck.
Lisa took us to Choma where we met our driver Neville who will take us on to Livingstone then to Kazangulu early tomorrow where we meet Jaco Oosthuizen for the last leg of our trip.

It has been 30 years since I have traveled through Botswana and I am looking forward to it. I have dreamed of hunt Elephant in Botswana for many years and it’s finally sinking in my dream is coming true.

Debra has never been to Botswana so I am happy she can join me for the Safari. I’m sure we will make some lifelong memories in the next two weeks.
Some nice trophies, congrats to you and the boys!
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Day 6 (continued)

I haven’t received any detailed reports only some pics from Strang.

Both Grant and Parker were successful hunting Bushbuck and Oribi today.
Sorry but I got my post sequence out of order and was cutting and pasting notes so here is Day 3. Please add 1 day to the numbers currently posted.

Day 3

We got out of camp a little after 7, the wind is not bad today. We dropped Grant in a blind and Parker stayed on the cruiser to look for an opportunity to spot and stalk something.

The winds started to pick up as the day progressed and we came across a Sable bull bedded down. Strang said “let’s have a go at him” so we made our way around upwind and started the stalk.

We got to within 40 yards and the bull busted us. Parker drew in hopes the bull would stop but he never did.

We carried on and later in the morning Strang and Parker made a successful stalk and he got a shot at the bull. He was quartering away at 44 yards and the shot hit a bit low but behind the shoulder.

After carefully following the trail, Parker was able to get a finishing shot in the bull and had him back to camp for a late lunch.
A beautiful old bull, massive and with an impressive curve.

Once we finished eating we went out to collect Grant and he did not shoot anything. He saw Eland and Impala plus some Lechwe but the bull never came in.

We finished the day cruising in search of a spot and stalk opportunity while enjoying a few Mosi’s until sunset.

Another great day in Zambia!
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Those are some impressive sable. The boys did very well. Congrats to them. Nice looking bushbuck and oribi too. How big were the sable? Well done.
Wow the boys are doing well! Nice sable and both with bushbuck and oribi to boot!
Those are some impressive sable. The boys did very well. Congrats to them. Nice looking bushbuck and oribi too. How big were the sable? Well done.
Thanks Bruce, they were beyond happy when I left. We didn’t measure them but Strang and I both said 42+.
Just seeing this report.

Congratulation to your boys on some great archery kills.

Looking forward to the elephant hunt!

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made it to camp yesterday afternoon! had a braai with some awesome T-bones ready to start hunting for sable today!
made it to camp , had a big Braai last night with some awesome T-bones! ready to start the day!
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getting ready for a 5 day sable hunt!
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