Woodleigh Bullets - Feedback for Production Requested

I was talking to Geoff (of Woodleigh) on the phone today about production and we discussed the benefit of being able to forecast demand for different calibers/bullet weights.

I told him I'd compile some feedback from those that are interested, so feel free to let me know what you're looking forward to getting your hands on again, and I'll send it his way.

He's finishing up 470 cal, moving onto 375 cal, and will likely finish up with 338 cal around the time of the first import.

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9,3 286 grain hydrostatically stabilized solids
That’s great news. Is there a way we can sign up for an email notification when you receive stock? Do you have any estimate when your first shipment will arrive?
I talked to Geoff on Friday. I don't have an exact timeline for the first import, it's really based on his production schedule and ability to get raw materials. Last thing he was working on was 375.

Some of the smaller calibers won't be produced until later this year. Obviously importing/freight is a big factor, so we want to limit piecemeal imports.

Once the shipment is on the way, I'll create a separate page on the website with the products. They'll show out of stock until they arrive, but at least you'll know what's coming and I'll of course post here once we are ready to start selling them.
With due respect to the quality of Woodleigh bullets and the valuable contributions they have made, there are a lot of really good bullets made these days and while Woodleighs are excellent bullets and may well be equal to other premium bullets, it would be hard to make the case that they are substantially better, which would force them to compete on price, which is a rough road. I think putting focus on the oddballs (333, maybe 404, 425, the various nitro express auklets, etc) would be the best opening move. The nig boys have been putting their efforts (understandably enough) into the popular calibers. Supplies are still relatively tight on the oddballs.

Disclaimer: I do not manufacture and sell bullets for a living and I may be completely wrong. If Geoff knows from experience that he can make a profit selling 308 projectiles, have at it.

Woodleigh make their bullets so they can be used in old Doubles etc. and some cals, like those of old have a heel so there is not as much pressure is required to run them down the barrel.

I agree that initially stick with the bigger cals, however they use to sell them in the more common smaller cals and people used them.

I don't need to import but 35 Cal, 225 to 310 grains, 375 300 and 350 grain esp in the Heavy Duty construction, 416, 400 and 450 grain, 303, 174 grain, all in RN and PN. All the above in their Hydros but I would like the 303 Hydro to be 174 grain. I find the 215 weight to be too long to get a useful load of powder behind it.
Please bring in some load data manuals.
There are plenty of us with Woodleigh manuals. Anything you're looking for in particular, happy to share if the books aren't available.
@Tex .416 - the only thing Geoff provides in the manuals is powder charge + bullet combo. Brass, primer, COAL - that's all on you to figure out. Start at or near the bottom, work your way up cautiously.

The only Woodleighs I've shot are their 160 gr PPSNs out of my 6.5 Swede. Take it for what it's worth based on only having worked on a single caliber - the MVs Geoff publishes seem to be based on SAAMI COAL. That's not a bad thing, just a thing. I recently discovered with my 9.3x62 that pretty much all the publishers of reloading data publish based only on SAAMI spec, not what's actually the case. And I don't blame them as there are legal civil implications if they don't.

But based on what I've learned, assuming @RAVEN ROCKS PRECISION can get some Woodleigh 320 gr in stock, I can pretty much guarantee I'll get 2300+ fps out of those bullets, not the 2200 Woodleigh publishes.

Geoff's published loads are going to force you to become intimate with the dimensions of the firing chamber of your rifle. That's a good thing.
Another vote for:
1) 570gr / 600gr in .510 for a 500 nitro
2) 400gr in .410 for a 450/400
Another vote for the .585” 650gr for the .577BPE


Ed Z
Another vote for:
1) 570gr / 600gr in .510 for a 500 nitro
2) 400gr in .410 for a 450/400
Thanks for all the input. @Just a dude in BC you'll probably also be glad to know we're about to start shipping some products to CA. Probably next week... finalizing a few things with the tax and shipping software...

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