What was your best firearm deal?

A Ruger Blackhawk in 45 Lc.

The serial number is under 200. I bought it from a friend who was trying to blow it up thinking that it was a 44 mag. Even if it did take the pressures it is way too nice of a pistol to abuse it.
A very nice G grade Parker for $550.00.
I wasn't the buyer, but last summer I coordinated the sale of this spotless 1984 S&W Model 19 with Tigerwood grips for $400 cash. It is literally the most perfect condition of any preowned gun that I've ever handled; I couldn't find a blemish anywhere. Surprising, considering none of the seller’s other guns were anywhere close to that condition.

I've inherited guns, found guns and had guns given to me but those really don't count for this. I think the best deal I have ever stumbled into was at an LGS where I used to live. A fine condition, unmolested pre-64 Featherweight Win M70 in 308- $400. That was in about 1997? I sold it a few years ago for $2800.
Considering the price of new mauser m98, DWM, I think the best deal today, is buying good mauser clone, such as Winchester m70 or zkk 602, or cz 550.

So, this was my best deal. Zkk 602.
$65 for a MagTech 7022. I've added a cheap 4x Tasco scope. It gets more range and field time than any other rifle I own.
show us a pic when you get the chance! some enfields (A-sq, Eddystone conversions) are quite nice! (i took tascos off bb guns!) lol
@C.W.RICHTER and @mdwest
You to are very lucky with those finds.
Usually when my ship comes in in deals like those I'm waiting at the airport.
Did score an old 1885 lowall in 44-40 for $125 that I turned into my beautiful K Hornet tho.
Without the money and only a dream, I was at a gunsmith, getting a simple repair done, when one of the smiths said he was heading to Africa and was short money for a Kudu. He wanted to sell his custom .458WM, on a vz-24 Brno action, he made for himself, to get the funds. I pipped up and asked, "how much" He said the cost of the Kudu. $750 later I walked out with this. He gave me this box of shells with it. I was too dumb to know, that I was too poor to purchase this, but I was certain I'd go to Africa some day and use it.

It was built to preform with no extra frills. It's light at just under 9lbs.


To keep things simple, I usually buy high and sell low. :)

One of my best rifles is a .300 Jarrett built by master ‘smith/shooter Thomas “Speedy” Gonzales. Kelbly action, Jewell trigger and smooooooth! Great price and by the time I sold the scope it came with I think I had around $700 or so in the rifle. True quarter MOA rifle that I would not sell for any realistic price.

Only target I have on my phone. It tightened up with a little tweaking. :)

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Walked into a gun shop that I’m a little to familiar with according to my wife about 3 months into the Covid insanity and the guy asked if I had any use for a .338 Win mag, not really but he said someone had put a $1,000 deposit on a Ruger and then lost his job. I paid the difference of $300 and have a pretty nice rifle.
Spotless Sako L461 .222 that I bought as a student for R2000. Shoots sub MOA every day. I just took of the varnish and horrible white shim between stock and butplate and finished it with boiled lindseed oil.


About 20 tears ago, online, I bought a like new Ruger 77 RSEX, 338 Win Mag for $435 delivered to my FFL. I couldn't believe the Gunshop priced it so low. These were going for maybe $900 to $1000. I really liked the rifle and knew it was fairly rare in that caliber.

The only issue is I couldn't shoot it well.
The recoil (probably recoil velocity) was just too much of a good thing, even after a Decelerator pad added. After about 8 years just looking at, I sold it for $1200. I think my ROI was pretty good.

Later I paid too much for another RSEX in 30-06. It's a keeper.

4 years ago, I bought a like new BACO Winchester M-70 Alaskan in .375 H&H. off of GB, for $700, about $250 lower than going rate.

When I brought it home from LGS I realized why. It wouldn't feed correctly.

The magazine spring was twisted. A new spring arrived a few days later from Brownells.

Presto! Feeds like a dream.

This is a fun topic.

For the inverse maybe start a thread for the "worst" gun deals we have made.
I love to wheel and deal. When it comes to guns, three transactions "take the cake" in my mind.

First was an old JC Higgins branded 20 ga. bolt action. I had just turned 18, and I was at the first auction where I could legally buy a gun. I bid and bid on an old Marlin .30-30, and thought I was going to take it home with me. Turns out somebody behind me won the bid. Determined to excercise my new status as an "adult" (if you can call an 18 year old American civilian boy that...), I wasn't going to leave without a gun in my name. I bought the shotgun for something like $60. It needed some TLC, so I lovingly refinished the wood and reblued the metal. And then I could not hit the broadside of a barn with the full choked tube. Down the river it went. Some time later, my dad and I were at a flea market. He was looking at some coyote stretchers, but the asking price was too high. Ended up trading the shotgun for all of the stretchers (which all told, had an asking value of something like $200, if I recall), AND I got some boot...to the tune of what I initially paid for the gun.

Second deal was sending another down the river. I had a basic "GI" 1911. New manufactured, so there was no collector value. Honestly, I just didn't care for this particular one. I love a 1911 (carry one daily), but this pistol and I...just didn't jive. Same flea market that I sold the 20ga at, a couple years later, and there was a small gun store. On this particular day, there was a Left-Handed Custom Savage .243 that was stunning. There was some scroll work on the bolt, action, and towards the muzzle, inlaid tastefully in gold. There was also a Marlin .30-30. Owner of the shop said I could have my pick between the two in exchange for the pistol. I himmed and I hawed, and decided to go for a walk to decide which was coming along with me. As beautiful as the .243 was, I thought the .30-30 would be more practical, as I did not have any centerfire rifles at that point in time. Having made up my mind, I returned for the trade. As fate would have it, another southpaw had picked up the .243 in the meantime, so it worked out. Initially I thought this was just a standard "Marlin .30-30"; that's all I knew, and all I wanted (I should say that I although my family hunts, I'm the only "gun guy". Growing up in a shotgun only state, I didn't have that much exposure to rifles, other than what I read in magazines, etc., as this was the dark ages before Gunbroker, Armslist, and well...the internet in our home). Turns out, I traded up quite a bit. What I traded into was a 1936 manufactured Marlin 1936 in DARN good original condition, save for a few wear marks and dings in the old walnut. I am not trying to brag on the old girl, for I had no idea what I lucked into, but EVERY one of my gunsmith friends (and I have several) have tried to get that old Marlin into their possession. Until I pass on, I'll keep this one close. It makes one fine carbine for still hunting or following the hounds here in the Appalachians.

My latest was my .375 H&H. I THINK I have shared the story here before, so I'll try to be brief (which can be a challenge for me). Prior to my first safari, I wanted a .375. DG was not on the menu, so it was not necesarry, but I WANTED one. Thing is, as mentioned, I'm a lefty. Not too many LH .375's floating around here in East TN. In a twist of divine intervention, I was out of town for work, and, whilst perusing Gunbroker one night in the hotel room, I came across a chap that had one listed. In the same town I was working in. I called him up, and he had not one, but FIFTEEN LH .375s in stock. Mauser actions. Turns out, he was one of two importers in the US. AND HE WAS WILLING TO TRADE for a pistol that I just so happened to have along with me. As mentioned, DG was not initally on the menu, but, because I had this rifle that I was led to, or it was led to me, I was able to harvest a lekker buffel.

I know that was windy, but each one of those three acquisitions stand out to me.
About 15 years ago, I managed to pick up a Model 70 Classic Stainless in 375 H&H for $550. A coworker wanted to buy a 1911 someone had for sale, but the seller would only sell it as a package with the 375, so we split the cost and both got a great deal. Since then, I took off the factory stock and put a Safari Express stock on it, improving the look and feel. I took it on a plains game hunt this spring in South Africa and it performed flawlessly.

I got a Remington Model 7 in 7 SAUM from a different coworker about 12 years ago for $400 and it will put 5 shots into less than an inch while wearing the factory synthetic stock. I managed to find some brass for it at a little gun shop in Texas one time for a good price, so I bought all they had.

A few months ago, I went into a local gun store just to see what they had and ended up leaving with a pre-64 Model 70, made in 1950, for $1000. The bluing is a little thin in places and the finish is worn around the floorplate where it has been carried, but the throat looks almost new (probably less than 100 rounds through it). The barrel is stamped 30-Gov't-06

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