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Hello again DGGardner,

For similar reasons that you have mentioned, I rented a rifle the last two times I hunted in Africa and will continue to do so.
Likewise, I rent one when I now and then hunt on any Hawaiian Island.
Some areas around the world are getting ridiculous with their so called “taxes” on us traveling hunters.
It is simply absurd.

Some years ago, I brought a .450 No2 NE double to and from South Africa.
On my way home, I threw 40 empty rounds of brass to fit it, in a O.R Tambo Airport trash can, rather than to pay the one US dollar a piece “export tax” on it, to those criminals with badges.
At that time, those empties cost $5.us dollars each (when I could even find them for sale) but, when the bandit in a SAPS uniform told me I had to pay said “tax”, I got mad and dropped them into a nearby garbage can instead.

He probably fished them out and traded them for marijuana and/or a prostitute.
If so, I hope he catches something awful from the hooker, plus lung problems from smoking the dope.
After being extorted every time I blinked, simply for traveling across the planet with a firearm, old Velo Dog had suffered just about enough abuse right then and there.

If that however is not enough, lately when one travels with two checked bags plus a rifle box, Alaska Airlines is charging $100.us dollars for it, on domestic flights.
When you fly home with it, you will be privileged enough to pay another $100.us dollars, to bring your rifle box home again.

Heck, at the rate they are going these days, perhaps on international flights, Alaska Airlines will conspire with their other fellow airlines to charge a million bucks for that third item (rifle box).
I don’t know and I don’t care to find out.
Even within the USA, now if I have to fly in a commercial airline to get to a hunting area, I will always rent a firearm from the PH or, in some situations, I will borrow one from one of my hunting pals, when I get there.

To say that I am fond of my own rifles and sighting arrangements, is an understatement.
Nonetheless, now I have learned to save myself a lot of ulcers and blood pressure spikes, by simply renting or borrowing one, when traveling by jet to any hunting destination.

Anyway, sorry for blowing off steam about this but, all these fake taxes really are excessive and uncalled for.

Best regards,
$100 both ways! That’s bullshit!
Hello to all of you,
I have been reading your post and visiting this web site for a number of years and have found the info here fantastic, so I figured I would log in and join the conversation. I have just booked a hunt to Mozambique and have far more questions then answers and figured I have trusted you all in the past so I will again for the future.
Welcome to the Forum
Welcome to this great forum DGGardner! Enjoy the site!
Welcome to the family and the forum, you are in the right place! Planning is half the fun!

Please keep us in mind for your taxidermy needs.

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