Swarovski Z3 3.5-10×42

ive got one on a Kimber Adirondak in 308.. super lightweight rifle (less than 6lbs loaded with the optic mounted).. its got more recoil than my 300 H&H...

probably 200 rounds through the Adirondak at this point.. no issues with the swaro at all..

its been to Africa.. hunted all over TX... and will be making a trip to chase elk in Idaho later this year.. I trust it completely..
Mine is a Z3 3-10x42 and has been on a couple of different rifles. It currently lives on a 308 bolt action practice rifle and has held up well for ~3k rounds in total.
How durable are Swarovski Z3 3.5-10×42 scopes? For 300wm and 9.3x74r in a 9-10 lb rifles.
Should be no problems. I have a Z3 3-9x36 on 5 pound Kimber in 300 WSM.

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