One rifle, two scopes

In Kevin Robertson’s book The Perfect Shot 2, he suggests for a one rifle Safari using two different bullet combinations with a scope zeroed for each bullet weight and Quick detach mounts for each scope. I Kind of like the sound taking a .375H&H with a 1 - 4 power shooting 350 gr. Bullets for buffalo and a 2 - 12 power shooting 250 gr. Bullets for plains game but, I’m not sure I like the quick detach mounts.

Has anyone used a similar combo? Was it worth it or, is keeping it simple with one bullet weight and scope better?
Hi Ryan,

I have used this concept with my 375 RUM using Talley QD rings and bases. They work great and keep the zero. I can highly recommend the Talley QD rings. The other benefit with going with QD rings is you can carry you scope(s) in your carry on luggage, which I did, and just have your rifle in the gun case. By the way, I used a Zeiss Diavari 3-12 for PG and a Zeiss Diavari 1.5-6 for DG. Worked great.

If you like to tinker this is a great way to go. If you want to keep it very simple just use the 2-12 scope for everything and go with 300 gr. bullet.

The only way I’m taking 2 scopes for one rifle is to have a spare if one breaks. You’re shooting a 375, just select a quality 300 grain bullet such as a Bearclaw, A Frame, TSX or Partition and go hunting. Keep it simple, don’t overthink things and go enjoy yourself.
I have Talley bases and rings on my .375 Wby. I got the QD ones, but my gunsmith recommended just using the bolt on regular ones (I have both). He was worried the QD's would work loose or I'd bump the lever or whatever and knock the scope off the rifle. I could switch it back. I figured I'd just take a screw driver along in the gun case. Or keep one in my pocket in the field. But, if the QD's are truly that stable, maybe I'll switch the rings out.

On the new .458 Lott we're working on....not sure if I'm going to put a scope on it. I will go ahead and get the Talley "gunsmith" base for the rear receiver ring so that we can machine it to fit (it's on a M1917 Enfield action where you have to fill in the "duck pond" and so it's almost never totally uniform on the top of the rear receiver ring...) and they make one for the front. Just for the option. But I got the three leaf express sight for the rear on this one. The .375 just has a single leaf rear as it's for backup only...

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