Namibia Free Range Hunting for Kudu and Gemsbok

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    Namibia Kudu and Gemsbok Safari
    Namibia 7 days hunting with Trophy Fee included for (1) Kudu and (1) Gemsbok 1x1 $3710.00 2x1 $3360.00

    All Free Range hunting!! Includes: Professional Hunter, Meals, Lodging, Airport transfers, Value Added Tax.

    Daily rates: 1x1 $290.00 per day, 2x1 $240.00 per day

    Trophy Fees for additional animals available include: Kudu $1100, Gemsbok $580, Hartmann’s Mt Zebra $800, Warthog $510, Duiker $340, Steenbok $260, Jackel $120, Baboon $120, Springbok $490, Blesbuck $600, Red Hartebeest $640, Blue Wildebeest $1255, Black Wildebeest $855.

    Contact Terry Wagner Worldwide Hunting for booking information at (253) 279-8583 or e-mail.

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