For Sale 300 H&H, Etc; Raising Funds For .375 H&H

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Mar 4, 2024
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I've got the opportunity to buy one of my dream rifles (left hand 550) so I'm selling off some things to raise money for it and all the related reloading stuff, optics, etc. I'm pretty new here but I have some of it cross listed on Gunbroker (at a higher price) and I've sold a gun to @BnC 04 a little while back.

First up is a Remington 721 in the excellent 300 H&H this would make an excellent PG rifle and was reported by the PO to be "incredibly accurate". It came like this;

But has since been liberated from the plastic and fit to the 30-06 stock it was provided with, pillar and glass bedded, refinished, and is currently at the 'smith having a brown Old English installed at 13.5" LOP.


I have a Skinner Guide Series front Blade coming for it, as well as a blank for the rear sight dovetail, and filler screws for the reciever sight screw holes. The plan was to run Talley bases/QD rings with their QD peep.

It will also come with about 40 pieces of brass and 90 or so rounds of ammo, 80ish of which are its "pet" load of a 178gr A-Max of (IIRC) 64gr of 4350, and a 3 die RCBS die set.

I don't really know how to price it, but if you're interested PM me and we can talk while we wait for the pad to be installed.

Speaking of plastic next up is a rare Glock 24 with 6 mags, Taran Tactical magwell and mag extentions, Blade Tech mag holders, metal oversized mag release, and stipple job. $950 plus shipping.



Last up is a 6mm Remington reloading package. 100 pieces once fired Federal brass (deprimed), 95 pieces once fired Remington brass (deprimed), 50 pieces new Hornady brass, 100 pieces 100gr Sierra Gameking, 50 pieces 100gr Nosler Patition, 50 pieces 95gr Nosler Partition, RCBS Precision Mic Die (for measuring shoulder and leade), and CH reloading dies. $275 Shipped

Thanks for looking!
I have a 721 in 300 H&H.. its been a very nice rifle..

Ive got a buddy in the market for a 300 mag of some sort (hes not particularly picky.. WM, H&H, PRC, etc are all on the table for him).. he likes my 721... I'll let him know what youve got and see if he has an interest.. and will shoot you a PM as well..

The Skinner stuff made it in today, it's amazing how much more finished the gun looks with the dovetails filled.

Also the pad just barely shipped out to my gunsmith today, so if whoever makes a deal in the next few days they can probably specify their LOP. I believe 14" would be the max but we can always go shorter of course. Otherwise I'll have him move ahead at the standard 13.5", which happens to be perfect for me.
I dropped the prices on Gunbroker, though they still aren't as low as what I have posted on here, not to mention you save on sales tax, etc.

The pad for the 300 is set to arrive Tuesday and the stock should be ready Saturday.
Did we ever get a price on the rifle?
Thx u
I was gonna ask the same question. I scanned the thread a couple times looking for a price on the Rem 721, but don't see one.
He might get more interested parties with a price...just saying
Sorry for the delay. I've got one interested party that might be making an offer, as like I said I haven't really known how to price it. I understand it's not really the norm here. If I don't get any offers by the time it's done getting the pad fit I'll have to take a hard look and just come up with something or perhaps decide to keep it, who knows. Thanks for your patience.
Well the pad is done and the smith did a... less than stellar job. There is about a 1" long section that he ground the pad smaller than the stock so your fingernail catches. It's one of those things that you don't notice as much as time goes on, but it was my first and last time using him. Also, LOP ended up about where it was factory, ~13.25".
The price for the package is $930 plus shipping, my rational being
-Rifle $650
-83 Rounds of loaded ammo $166
-42 pieces of brass $42
-3 die set $42
-new hard gun case it will ship in $30

The gun certainly isn't perfect, but shows pretty well for being almost 75 years old. I don't want to separate the package, but if you and another member work out some deal I'm happy to ship the gun and ammo/reloading stuff to 2 different locations.

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Very fair price for that bundle… I’ll be amazed if this doesn’t go quickly…
Very fair price for that bundle… I’ll be amazed if this doesn’t go quickly…
I don't know if it's just me but I feel I've seen a number of very fair deals sit around much longer than I anticipated. Must be a sign of the state of the economy!
We can shut this thread down, everything has been listed with no reserve on Gunbroker.

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