404 Ruger

From Corbin’s,bullet die maker;
A lead tip cannot, be definition, be bonded since there is no jacket surrounding it. Therefore, you can make a lead tip bullet by seating two cores, one bonded and shorter than the jacket, and another swaged on top of the bonded core which is long enough to form the lead tip. The fact that the second short core is not bonded makes no practical difference.

I don’t think you can solder a pipe jacket without plugging the hole in the bottom either.
And lastly,looking at the jackets there is about minus ten percent chance those were bonded.
One of the originators of the bonded bullet technology was Bill Steigers. His bullets had a small hole in the base which was against a seal when the lead core was bonded. the point was flat similar to the Nosler protected point. the jacket went to the edge of the point so the entire core was bonded. I do recall the phone call that I had with Hawk when he claimed the jackets and cores were attached by a "proprietary" process that was secret. Since he refused to sell any bullets for testing, I cannot say whether the proprietary process was sufficient to keep jacket and core attached.
I was not aware Hawk ever sold a true bonded bullet.
Well for dangerous game I can see why those bullets would disappoint most folks. I will say though, they look like great bullets to use on whitetail deer. I may need to try some out in my 416’s.
@Cleveland48 - I would say these are fine for African plains game and all North American Game with the exception of Grizzly or Polar Bear. 78% weight retention is pretty solid. Expansion, even with these heavy 0.050" thickness jackets was pretty good, all things considered.

I consider this gun a working man's 404. It will never see Africa. I have too many other proper choices for Safari. Just playing and tinkering. Will be trying some Cutting-Edge bullets next, once they're settled in their new location. Possibly even pick up some lighter North Forks to play with too.
So Pacific Tool and Gauge (PTG) makes a tool called a Uni-Throater. I spoke with them on the phone regarding my short throat issue and they cut a reamer to my bore (they don't normally carry 0.4235 throat reamers). It only took a couple days for them to make the reamer and it shipped; had it in under 2 weeks from my call. Anyway, the tool comes with two sleeves, the first floats the reamer in the bore and second sleeve indexes off a 30° shoulder and aligns the tool. After a quick YouTube visit, and 45min give/or take on the bench... We have a proper throat. I still need to verify accuracy but so far, I'm really pleased!

1st photo is a 400gr Woodleigh SN at 3.350" LOA with the ogive touching the lands (I measured 10 different bullets, this was the lowest measurement.) 2nd photo is a 340gr North Fork SS at 3.308". (again, measured 10). I understand the pictures look like the case isn't perfectly aligned with the calipers, it's a challenge holding the case, calipers, and camera. But for illustration purposes, you get the idea. Cartridge max for the magazine 3.340" LOA. So with the standard 400gr SN we are at a 0.010" jump with the longest bullet. Realistically, I'm looking at an average 0.015" jump for SN while seating to max magazine length.

This guy is very happy!
Zero chance it goes back. Was quoted 1 month turn-around. Took 13 months. Had no communication despite multiple calls and even 2 certified letters. They did work I never authorized but had to pay for to get my gun back.
Could you PM me the g'smith's name (NOT or publication, under any circumstances) as I've heard reliable reports of similar occurrences; building up a personal file on such things.
A little shooting off the sticks tonight at 50yds. This is (2) 3 shot groups using 340gr North Fork SS in the 404Ruger. First 3 shots with Reloder 15 (1 top left and 2 bottom right) and the second 3 shots with MR-2000 (1 top right and and 2 bottom left). Neither horrible but I've shot A LOT better. Will give it another go in the morning.

As a side note. The Reloder 15 load is more mild. MR-2000 is quite stout. Rifle is only 8.5lbs

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