trophy room

  1. Animal Artistry

    No Windows!!!

    One of the things we fight constantly when clients are designing or creating a trophy room is windows. There is an understandable desire to want to look out and see nature while being in your trophy room or utilize natural light; however, windows are a BIG problem. Ultraviolet Rays The first...
  2. Trophy Room Lighting

    Trophy Room Lighting

    Lion spotlight in dark trophy room.
  3. African Trophy Room

    African Trophy Room

  4. Trophy Rooms by Animal Artistry

    Trophy Rooms by Animal Artistry

    Done well, the trophy room is a space that tells the stories of the animals and the many experiences of the hunts themselves. Our skilled trophy room design team will work with your architect or builder for new construction or remodel projects that perfectly capture the realism of the outdoors...
  5. Animal Artistry

    Elephant Bar

  6. Elephant Bar - Straight on Shot

    Elephant Bar - Straight on Shot

  7. Elephant Bar

    Elephant Bar

  8. Ricardo Manuel Varela Alvarez


    I'm new here. Happy to help with any advise regarding with taxidermy, dip and ship, bleaching, caping, etc.
  9. Philip Glass

    My Trophy Room/Guest Lodge

    Here are just a few pics of my trophy room. I just got the giraffe up and that was quite a job! Still have to figure out how to get croc on the wall. Can't wait to get the lion standing on the mantle. It is a work in progress and quite a few trophies at the taxidermist still. Our lodge has two...