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  1. Mbalabala Safaris

    Hippo, Crocodile & Plainsgame Hunting Package Zimbabwe

    Hi all I have a great deal on hippo and crocodile. The area that we will hunt will be in the zambezi river below Victoria falls until the Gwaai river, about 100km. This area we have hunted and shot several crocs over 15’ and plenty big hippo bulls. Plainsgame will be on our shared concession in...

    Family Safari Hunt Special On Prime 55,000 Acre Reserve With JKO Hunting Safaris

    Good day Gentleman, I always wanted to offer the following packages to our members and has worked on a package specifically based on family safaris in South Africa in a world class safari area. We will host our family safaris on our main area in the Free State province of South Africa, this...
  3. Kowas Adventure Safaris

    Jagd Afrikanisches Safari Paket $5,500

    Jagd Afrikanisches Safari Paket $5,500 Inbegriffen: Ankunftstag 7x Jagdtage Abreisetag Kudu / Oryx / Springbuck / Blauer Gnusse ODER Rot Hartebeest MEHR TROPHIES KÖNNEN HINZUFÜGEN Abholung und Rückkehr vom Flughafen Windhoek International Straßentransport Unterkunft Mahlzeiten Professionelle...