Hippo, Crocodile & Plainsgame Hunting Package Zimbabwe

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    25A5FFFA-3A90-4065-8E5C-17DDA6D33730.jpeg A15DF07C-68EB-4DF0-A102-7B01C9B5B949.jpeg Hi all I have a great deal on hippo and crocodile. The area that we will hunt will be in the zambezi river below Victoria falls until the Gwaai river, about 100km. This area we have hunted and shot several crocs over 15’ and plenty big hippo bulls. Plainsgame will be on our shared concession in the Bubiana conservancy. (Drummond - Rocky Glen)
    I will be attending both Reno and Dallas Safaris shows if anyone would like to chat. I will also be at the African hunting dinner in Dallas. Look forward to seeing you all there. Reno#1022 Dallas#244

    Operator- Mbalabala Safaris
    Operator number-HOP0019
    Ph Lin stanton license no 535depending in dates.
    Area- Hwange communal land (zambezi river) Bubiana concervancy.
    Arrive in Victoria falls and leave Bulawayo depending if you want plainsgame or not.

    7-10 days at $750 per day
    Hippo $4500
    Tax and transfer $500
    Observer fee $200 a day per person.

    Bushbuck $1200
    Eland $1750
    Kudu $1750
    Warthog $500
    Wildebeest $1200
    Giraffe $1500
    Hyena $750

    F9A83E1F-0C19-4510-B06B-08C658C3A984.jpeg 12E82EE3-9A72-49C3-A700-B375FB010EBA.jpeg AC5423AE-8A26-4CCE-A7A2-63CE9A2E5EBB.jpeg 91C6DC75-26AB-4290-AC1A-4E43BE8799C1.jpeg 9019870E-C96C-4F16-A809-81D4D46F0D0A.jpeg F223CB96-A051-49E8-A8E3-1B3D315DDAE7.jpeg
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