professional hunter

  1. Ruan Bouwer

    Fountains Along My Journey

    I look out over the city lights of Pretoria as I tug on my pipe. Tonight, I am grateful. Regardless of what is going on in the world, in my own country and my city, I have a million things to be thankful for. I write about something that is very relevant to me at this moment in time - fountains...
  2. N

    Zimbabwe Professional Hunters and Guides Shooting Test May 2019

    Hi All, I helped out with the Pro Hunters and Guides shooting tests this weekend. The other thread,, has had a lot of interest so I thought I would post my experiences and...
  3. R

    Looking For Professional Hunter Opportunities

    Good morning all at AH. I am taking this time to ask for any oppertunity to work as a PH. Full time or part time. I am a licenced PH in the Eastern Cape. Been hunting since the age of 10. At this stage I own my own business in construction. We build log cabins and decks etc. I have been...
  4. victorhunt

    Freelance PH Work Urgently Required

    I have been hunting professionally since 1993. I have had the privilege to work in Zambia, Namibia, Mozambique and Zimbabwe and gained lots of experience in dangerous game hunting and safari infrastructure. I am licensed for Limpopo Province and held a Mozambique professional hunter’s license...
  5. Hein

    Hunters Greeting out of the Eastern Cape, South Africa

    Hi Members I have always been glassing through the site but never actually engaged in any conversation. I work and stay in Port Elizabeth[The Friendly City. If everyone was not so friendly when you visited it was because the wind was blowing ;) ]. I am a part time Professional Hunter, Tour and...