1. Martin Rodriguez

    ROMANIA: Boar Driven Hunts In Romania

    Just Got back with a Group from Romania, great driven hunt huge pigs! had a lot of fun!!! if you like to shoot its great! we started at 10am did 3 beats per day you can see 200 , 300 pigs a day big huge monster HogZilla, hope you like the pictures: [ Driven Hunt Romania by Martin Rodriguez...

    Bushpig Hunting Done Right With Bayly Sippel Safaris

    Hi Guys, This is our first post on the deals/offerings forum and I hope its something you all enjoy! We are extremely passionate about our Bushpig hunting here at Bayly Sippel Safaris and we like to ensure that our clients have the best chance at success! Nothing is worse than sitting in a...
  3. Warthog


    You might think he looks odd because he is closer to the ceiling, but that is the only room I had for him... so he is above my Liberty gun safe. Game Trail Taxidermy (USA) Address: 6280 County Line Rd, Mt Pleasant, NC 28124 Phone: (704) 782-4497
  4. CA Pig

    CA Pig

  5. My Old Warthog

    My Old Warthog

    Warthog boar from Letsibogo Ranch in RSA. I wanted an old one and he finally showed up! Guided by Restless Africa Safaris and associate Chane' Stoffelberg.
  6. bush pig hunt

    bush pig hunt

  7. 8,5 inch BUSHPIG

    8,5 inch BUSHPIG

    Hunted near Thabazimbi,Limpopo, South Africa... zack@africahunters.com
  8. Pig Hunting in Australia

    Pig Hunting in Australia